Behold! This Is The Brokini: A New Bikini For Men!


Two Canadian “bros” are looking to take the fashion world by storm with their new, unconventional beachwear item: The Brokini. This product is the brainchild of Taylor Field and Chad Sasko, and is described tongue-in-cheek on its own website as “the perfect swimwear to make your parents question where they went wrong”. Would you be brave enough to wear it in public? Let us know in the comments!

Would you let your boyfriend to wear this?

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Mr. Bean As Everyone


Mr. Bean is probably one of the funniest faces of all time. The character barely talks yet still manages to make us laugh every time. There are rumors that he may return, but we nobody knows for sure. Meanwhile, take a look art some hilarious photoshopped pics people have been creating to brighten their day.

When Mr. Bean meets Photoshop...

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