Gallery of The Most Metal Animals Ever


If you think you are the ultimate metalhead, you haven’t seen these hardcore animals. Though some animals are just born with naturally rocking features and colors, others have unique traits that make them even metal-er (which is now officially a word). Scroll down to see the full list of awesome animals that lean toward the dark side.

Heavy metal animal.

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Funny And Sad Examples of How Media Manipulates The Truth


Lately more and more people are finding it harder to stay well informed because it is getting more challenging to determine which news are accurate. We gathered some examples of how media can use different techniques of deception to trick you into seeing exactly what they wanted you to see. As you will discover, perspective really is everything! It all goes to show that a healthy dose of skepticism goes a long way, and getting your news from a wide range of different sources is essential get to a more rounded view of the world we live in.

The dangers of a one-sided story.

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Worst Halloween Costume Knock-Offs Ever


Halloween is just around the corner and most costume stores are filled with the same 20 outfits, but some design companies have found a way around this with fresh, slightly off-brand Halloween costume knock-offs that aren’t really fooling anyone. Scroll down to see the funniest and stupidest of them all.

A-lad-in a costume.

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