Paddington Bear Photoshopped Into Iconic Movie Scenes

X user (formerly known as Twitter, before Elon ruined it) @Jaythechou photoshops Paddington into movie scenes, and has been doing it every day for 1050 days, at the time of writing. Some are beautifully subtle, others are larger than life, but all are skilfully done and a lot of fun. We recommend you check out his work for yourself, but in the meantime, here is a Top 30, as voted by us. In no particular order.

Paddington Bear inserted into iconic movie scenes.

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Both Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Can Get Sick

When an anti-vaxxer uses the argument that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can get sick, implying that there is no point to get a vaccine, remind them that both you and Serena Williams can play tennis. It’s technically true, but there’s a there a significant difference…

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated can get sick. Both Serena Williams and I can play tennis.

Extreme Ironing: Taking The Chore To The Next Level

Extreme ironing is not your average daily chore; it’s a thrilling, heart-pounding, and wrinkle-defying sport that takes the mundane act of ironing to the absolute maximum. In extreme ironing, daring individuals take their ironing boards and irons to the most unexpected and adrenaline-pumping locations imaginable and make photos to share online. The best of the best get the honor to call themselves extreme ironing champions. Scroll down to see the best examples and check out Extreme Ironing 101 book if you want to lear the art of this weird sport!

Extreme ironing.

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Reverse Mohawk: The Greatest Haircut Since Mullet

Don’t they just look fabulous? Why get a regular boring mohawk when you can get a reverse mohawk and become the coolest guy in the neighborhood? Scroll down to see the finest examples and let us know in the comments how much do we had to pay you to make you to turn your hairstyle into such abomination!

Reverse mohawk haircut.

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I Wish You Wouldn’t Be So Patronising

What’s patronizing? It’s a linguistic gymnastics routine where one expertly uses big words to explain things to others, as if they were delicate little flowers in need of linguistic baby wipes.

I wish you wouldn't be so patronising. Wow, that's a big word for you.