New Suck-On Face Gadget Promises To Give Women a Slim V-Shaped Face


Behold! There’s a new plastic crap that will float in the oceans after few years! A small, oval-shaped face with a well-defined and pointy V-line chin is one of the most coveted female beauty features in many Asian countries, and they can apparently get it by simply sucking on a bottle-shaped gadget for 10 minutes a day. At least according to this seller on Chinese shopping platform TaoBao.

Face slimmer gadget from China.

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So This Company Sells Jeans That Look Like You Pissed Yourself…


Is this for real? Unfortunately, yes. Wet Pants Denim is a real company that will sell you a pair of jeans that look like you just pissed yourself. New jeans will cost you $75, however you can send them jeans that you already own and they will piss-stain them for $30. From their website: “In an effort to reach a wider customer base and do our part to reduce textile pollution, we’re happy to provide the imagery of authentic urinary incontinence, on a pair of jeans that you already own, at a fraction of the cost.”

Jeans that look like you pissed yourself.

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