How To Fart When Sharing a Bed (Illustrated Guide)


During the first phase of most romantic relationships, we try to look as desirable as possible, even if that means ignoring some of our bodily urges. Like, letting out a mean fart, for example. Sooner or later, however, most couples realize that there’s no way around it and some farting is bound to happen. Luckily there’s this helpful farting etiquette guide by the helpful artist Messycow!

Farting etiquette when in bed with someone.

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Meet Vicacha: Sleepy And Very Un-Entertained Creature That’s Everyone’s New Spirit Animal


This past year has been rough, and at this point, we are all tired, disappointed, and in desperate need of a nap. That’s why everyone is so good at relating to this grumpy South American rodent called the Viscacha that, apparently, looks like an animal embodiment of all the feelings most of us have been experiencing throughout the ongoing global pandemic. Just look at that face!

This animal is tired of your sh*t.

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Woman Discovers a 1986 Costume Book, And It Has The Weirdest DIY Costumes Ever


Twitter user Alina Pleskova found a book all alone, lonely, and abandoned on the curb and decided to rescue it, bringing it back home with her. She couldn’t help but share the photos, that has dozens of brilliant, wild, and hilariously weird costumes for both kids and adults. Scroll down to see the funniest examples from Asher Jane’s “Fancy Dress” book!

DIY costume book from 1986.

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Two Brothers Go On a Rude Place Name Tour Across UK


Magnus and Andy Tait embarked on an epic “Rude Roadtrip” of Britain, and over four days visited places across the country with naughty and rude names. Their 2,000-mile journey took them on a loop from Edinburgh down the west coast, along the south coast and back up the east coast of England. Featured below are the lads at all the funniest named places that they visited.

I would love to live in this place.

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Really Bad Cat Taxidermy


Did you know that some people keep their pets with them forever with a little help from taxidermists? Well, now you do. Even worse than that, sometimes they choose to save money on this endeavour and seek the cheapest taxidermy services they can find. The horrible results are shown below.

Low budget cat taxidermy.

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