Promoting Mental Health In The Workplace


We'd like to promote mental health in the workplace. How about hiring more people so we feel less pressured and increasing our pay to keep up with inflation so we're not stressed out? Naah... Let's install a ping pong table!


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  1. There ya go, good management practices will keep the flunkies
    happy as pigs in mud.

  2. I’ve never worked a day in my life, and live rent-free with my parents, but feel singularly qualified to comment on wage slavery.

  3. The blonde is on to something, but what?

  4. Sure it sounds great and all, but if no one was mentally ill, just who would we run for public office??? 🤔

  5. wouldn’t installing strategically placed aromatherapy diffusers around the office with loaded scents everybody actually agrees on and increasing “fika paus” time in office also help?

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