Poor Husbands Trapped In The Shopping Hell

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If you have ever been married or in a serious long-term relationship, you know the drill. They bring you shopping, saying they just have to get “just that one thing”, only to leave you to wait for hours on end while holding all their things. This Instagram account is a tribute to those poor wretched souls who are stuck in the shopping hell. Scroll down to see the saddest (funniest) examples.

Poor guy stick in the mall.

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Artist Creates Creepy “Secret Friends” by Drawing Faces On People’s Backs


AnaHell is a photographer who portrays the body in ways that dramatically change the way we perceive it. Featured below is a series titled “Secret Friends”, where she manipulates the appearance of bodies to create unique creepy creatures. Each photo depicts people bent over with faces drawn on their backs. Adorned with hair and clothing and standing in ordinary rooms, they resemble domestic gremlins with a dual ability of charming and disturbing the viewer.

Creepy body art.

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