Artist Creates Creepy “Secret Friends” by Drawing Faces On People’s Backs


AnaHell is a photographer who portrays the body in ways that dramatically change the way we perceive it. Featured below is a series titled “Secret Friends”, where she manipulates the appearance of bodies to create unique creepy creatures. Each photo depicts people bent over with faces drawn on their backs. Adorned with hair and clothing and standing in ordinary rooms, they resemble domestic gremlins with a dual ability of charming and disturbing the viewer.

Creepy body art.

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Hilarious Times People Made The Horrible Mistake of Wearing Red To Target


We have all wandered our favorite stores slightly lost until we see the familiar colors of the uniform of an employee, there to save us. If that store happens to be Target, it’s red shirt paired with khaki pants. Unwittingly, more people than you might imagine have wandered into the big red store only to realize they were wearing the exact uniform of the employees… Scroll down to see a hilarious list of their cautionary tales.

Not to self: don't wear red to Target.

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