This Spring 2023 Women’s Collection Takes Crazy Fashion To a New Level


Simple fashion is a thing of the past; today, it’s all about who can dress in the wackiest, most ridiculous outfits. It’s like a competition to see who can be the most “extra”. Fashion designers Viktor&Rolf with their Spring 2023 women’s collection must have raided a clown’s closet and said “Yes, this is exactly what the world needs!” Scroll down to see their vision of what a modern woman should wear!

This takes crazy fashion to a whole new level.

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Croc Spoiler Will Greatly Improve Your Walking Speed


What if there was a way to make Crocs just a little bit spicier? Wearing Crocs already elevates you to the status of a style king or high fashion queen. This design enables the rear spoiler to clip into the heel strap, which will help you to pass your buddies quickly thanks to your superior aerodynamics. According to rumors, a rear spoiler increases your walking pace by an additional 50 mph. The plastic could theoretically rub on the back of your foot the entire time, but who cares about heel blisters when you look like Vin Diesel in the first Fast and the Furious movie?

Croc spoiler.

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The Complete Guide of Mormon Missionary Positions


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as the Mormons, believe in the importance of sexual purity and place a strong emphasis on marital fidelity. They teach that sexual activity should only occur within the bounds of marriage between a man and a woman and that any sexual activity outside of marriage, including premarital sex and homosexuality, is a sin. The church also teaches that marriage should be for life and that divorce should only be considered in extreme circumstances. Photographer Neil Dacosta has created the book of Mormon missionary positions together with art director Sara Phillips. The series shows two Mormon missionaries as they surrender to carnal same-sex lust while fully clothed. Please let us know in the comments below if this parody is in bad taste or Mormons shouldn’t be excluded from this site!

This is how Mormons do it.

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Funny “Cards Against Humanity” Answers


“Cards Against Humanity” is the party game for horrible people. Like a twisted version of Mad Libs, players fill in the blank on prompt cards using the funniest, most outrageous, and just plain wrong answers from their hand of cards. Warning: this game may cause uncontrollable laughter, inappropriate outbursts, and permanently damaged relationships with your friends and family.

"Cards Against Humanity" is a hilarious game!

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Sinister Parodies of Vintage Vinyl Album Covers


While growing up you almost certainly encountered vinyl album covers, so you are probably familiar with their cover art styles. These albums featured weirdly staged scenes that were practically begging to be parodied, and the guys at @obscurestvinyl did just that. Don’t scroll down if you are easily offended! Or do scroll down anyway and go cry in the comments. We love a good PC outrage in the comment section below.

Vintage music album cover parody.

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