Weird Instagram Trend: Glitter Beards


Meanwhile on Instagram, men have been covering their beards with colorful glitter… For those who wish to participate in this trend and help to pollute our planet with microplastics here’s what you should do: Step 1: Grow a beard. Step 2: Put some glitter in it. Step 3: Post a picture on Instagram with #GlitterBeards hashtag. Step 4: Collect your likes and feel a little famous for a moment.

Glitter beards are the best beards.

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Circle Beards: The Brave New Look!


This cut involves first growing a beard to meet the hairline and then shaving off all the hair except a circle that stretches from head to chin. We truly live in an amazing time of creativity and self-expression! What are you waiting for? Join these guys to become the most stylish guy in town!

Circle beards are the best beards!

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Hilariously Rude Farewell Cakes


“You are dead to us”, “We hope you fail”, “F*** you, traitor!”… What better way to tell your (ex)co-worker that you won’t miss him and that you hope he fails in his next job than with a beautiful, delicious cake?

Funny farewell cake.

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