The Funniest Twitter Reactions To The New Black Ariel


When news spread that African American actress Halle Bailey would play Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” live action, the film received backlash. Some people could not fathom how a fictional character could be played by a young black woman. But there’s no reason Ariel couldn’t be black. There’s no historical accuracy to live up to here. Ariel is a fish person. Mermaids do not actually exist. Chill.

Twitter reacts to black Ariel.

Twitter reacts to black Ariel.

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2023 Chicken Daddies: The Most Masculine Calendar Ever


Are you looking for something to put on your wall that will celebrate your masculinity? Of course you are. Well, we have good news! The 2023 Chicken Daddies Calendar is here! You can get the The Eggcracker Edition where the chicken daddies dress in colorful tutus and pose as beautifully as possible or you can get a Betty Clucker Edition where chicken daddies dress as housewives preparing dinner. It would be money well spent.

Chicken daddies are the best daddies.

Chicken daddies are the best daddies.

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