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The “Bumper Dumper” Is a Portable Toilet – It’s not cheap, but just think of all the amazing shitting you are going to do anywhere and anytime you want!

Two Brothers Go On a Naughty Place Name Tour Across UK – Andy and Magnus Tait embarked on an epic “Rude Trip” of Britain, and over four days visited places across the country with rude and naughty names.

Pop Culture Icons Recreated With Sausages – This gallery is exactly what you think it is: sausages dressed as celebrities, art pieces, and cartoon characters.

This Stupid Product Is Real! – Yep, it actually exists. There is a factory somewhere in China that produces this thing and there are people who actually buy and use it.

Being Dumb Is Surprisingly Common – The great thing about the public school system in the United States is that it most likely failed you and therefore you get to keep learning new things every day as an adult!

Indian People Using Facebook – Indian people social media is a gold mine for memes, you’ve got to admire the fearlessness of these Facebook stars…

10 Funny Cult Classic Films You Need To See  – A ridiculous and often obnoxious presentation of the plot is a great reason to watch a movie. Here’s a list of Top 10 choices.

Fireworks With Bizarre Names – Someone had a lot of fun naming these fireworks. A truly hilarious way to blow your fingers off.

Donald Trump Interviews Donald Trump – As one YouTube commenter wrote, “Somehow he is still losing the argument with himself.”

Who Needs Louis Vuitton When This Chicken Bag Exists?! – Show your significant other how much you love her by giving her this bag! It will prove that you really care about her and also have an amazing sense of fashion.

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Funny Ad Fails


What happens when marketing people are not paying attention? This happens! So let’s buckle up for a fun ride which is basically a masterclass on how not to create and produce an ad!

Hilarious ad fail.

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How To Fart When Sharing a Bed (Illustrated Guide)


During the first phase of most romantic relationships, we try to look as desirable as possible, even if that means ignoring some of our bodily urges. Like, letting out a mean fart, for example. Sooner or later, however, most couples realize that there’s no way around it and some farting is bound to happen. Luckily there’s this helpful farting etiquette guide by the helpful artist Messycow!

Farting etiquette when in bed with someone.

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Meet Vicacha: Sleepy And Very Un-Entertained Creature That’s Everyone’s New Spirit Animal


This past year has been rough, and at this point, we are all tired, disappointed, and in desperate need of a nap. That’s why everyone is so good at relating to this grumpy South American rodent called the Viscacha that, apparently, looks like an animal embodiment of all the feelings most of us have been experiencing throughout the ongoing global pandemic. Just look at that face!

This animal is tired of your sh*t.

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