Newspaper Makes an Unfortunate Typo On Julia Roberts Headline, Twitter Loves It


Never dictate the headline over the phone – that’s basically a common knowledge. The Post-Journal a local newspaper in Jamestown, upstate New York, learned it the hard way when they published an article titled “Julia Roberts Finds Life And Her HOLES Get Better With Age”, however the word HOLES actually should have been ROLES. As you can see below, Twitter users loved it.

Newspaper title fail.

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Funny Fake Gift Boxes To Prank Your Friends This Christmas


Are you going to use the same old boring wrapping paper to wrap Christmas presents this year? Well, there’s a better solution! Pranko-O is a company that creates hilarious prank gifts, called Prank Packs. The products themselves are not real, these are just gag boxes. But imagine your partner’s reaction when they were hoping to get an expensive necklace for Christmas but receive an Roto Wipe Butt Cleaner Wheel instead – priceless!


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Behold: Hipster Nativity Scene


If you agree that Christmas traditions are getting too old-fashioned, it might be time to update them. That’s exactly the reason why company Gorilla Goodies decided to make a Hipster Nativity Set (also available on Amazon). The set itself is fun, but what really makes it special is the details: there’s the solar powered stable, Starbucks coffee cup, three wise men are using Segways and delivering presents in Amazon boxes, there’s a cow labeled 100% organic who’s eating gluten-free feed… Scroll down to see these and other funny little details for yourself!

Hipster nativity scene.

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Cats On Glass Tables Is The Funniest Thing Ever


These photos prove one important thing: all cat owners absolutely need a glass table in their house. Our furry friends love to sit and stare at the world around them, but when they choose to lay on a flat surface, they give us a view we don’t have the chance to see very often… and it’s quite funny.

cat sleeping on a glass table.

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This Month’s Funniest Internet Galleries


Uninspirational Posters For People Who Hate Inspirational Posters – Perfect for people who practically shudder at the sight of all those uplifting quotes all over Facebook and Instagram.

Amazingly Terrible Wedding Photos – There are bad wedding photos, there are horrible wedding photos, and then there are these terrible abominations. Enjoy!

Hilarious Old-Timey Inventions – Why didn’t these 27 crazy inventions work out? They’re hilarious! Life would be so much more torelable with this stupidity around us.

People Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Childhood Photos – If we all digged deep enough, I’m sure we could find a terrible class or family photo of ourselves we’d rather not remember.

Bad-Ass Presidential Portraits – Artist Jason Heuser has been creating portraits of bad-ass American presidents since 2011. This is a list of his best works so far.

Cats With Random Stuff On Them – This kind of useless yet funny stuff was exactly what the internet was made for.

Mr. Bean As Everyone – What if Rowan Atkinson played every role in Hollywood? It would be awesome, that’s what!

Funny Bizarre Animal Photos – Animals do the funniest things. Thank God there’s usually someone nearby with a phone or photo camera to snap a picture.

25 Family Photos Gone Horribly Awry – We all have embarrassing old photos but these people took it to a whole new level…

Christmas Cards That Are Actually Funny – Don’t you just hate those tacky, unfunny, boring Christmas cards you can find in stores all over the country? We do. So here are some that doesn’t suck.

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Brilliant People Who Found a Way to Protect Their Christmas Trees From Pets


Pets get a bit psyched about the holiday season every year. They eye the tree with admiration just seconds before murdering it. Anyways, what follows next is a destroyed Christmas tree lying on the floor with broken ornaments all over the place. The good news is that with simple lifehacks shown in the pictures below, it’s no longer necessary for you to choose between having a pet OR having a beautiful Christmas tree.

Upside-down Christmas tree.

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