You Can Now Take Your Pet Fish For a Walk


New weirdness from Japan (obviously… where else?) A Japanese company “Ma Corporation” is currently working on an unusual container-like bag for live fish, suitable both for pet owners wanting to take their favorite fish on walks, and fans of super-fresh sashimi. Known as Katsugyo Bag this portable fish tank is shaped like a long tube with a transparent middle section, a handle and a gauge which monitors the oxygen saturation of the water.

A bag to carry your pet fish around.

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Realistic Cat Backpack That Looks Like a Live Cat


If you’ve been here long enough, you know just how much we are obsessed with cat related content on this site. This time around it’s this incredible cat shaped backpack, and it’s made to look just like a real live cat! If you don’t feel like strapping your own cat to your back and have him hold your belongings in his paws, this cat backpack may be a great alternative!

Realistic cat backpack.

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