Funny “Cards Against Humanity” Answers


“Cards Against Humanity” is the party game for horrible people. Like a twisted version of Mad Libs, players fill in the blank on prompt cards using the funniest, most outrageous, and just plain wrong answers from their hand of cards. Warning: this game may cause uncontrollable laughter, inappropriate outbursts, and permanently damaged relationships with your friends and family.

"Cards Against Humanity" is a hilarious game!

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Sinister Parodies of Vintage Vinyl Album Covers


While growing up you almost certainly encountered vinyl album covers, so you are probably familiar with their cover art styles. These albums featured weirdly staged scenes that were practically begging to be parodied, and the guys at @obscurestvinyl did just that. Don’t scroll down if you are easily offended! Or do scroll down anyway and go cry in the comments. We love a good PC outrage in the comment section below.

Vintage music album cover parody.

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The Funniest Posts From Our Friends


How Many Meeting Achievement Stickers Can You Collect? – How was your week? Did you find ways to avoid the void of responsibilities at your cold, bleak workplace? Dick around in a meeting maybe rather than pay attention!? If so, you could be eligible for a meeting achievement sticker!

Funny Coffee Mugs All Your Coworkers Will Envy – Why settle for a boring coffee mug when you can start your day with a laugh? A funny coffee mug is a great conversation starter! Imagine the look on your co-worker’s face when they see you sipping from a mug that says “You have just been poisoned” or “I am a ray of f***ing sunshine”.

Things People Learned Embarrassingly Late In Life – Many people have experienced the embarrassment of realizing something they should have known earlier in life. From a basic life skill, historical fact, or a common social norm, these late-in-life revelations can range from amusing to mortifying.

Painful Memes That People Over 30 Can Relate To – Becoming older is not easy. Everything hurts and half the time you don’t even understand what teens are talking about. And don’t even get us started on the dating scene…

Package Thief Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine – Stealing Amazon packages from porches may seem like a lucrative job, but it comes with some risks…

The 11 Most Devastating Insults of All-Time – Someone searched the internet for the most rotten, nasty and devastating insults he could find and distilled the list down to the top eleven. Good job!

Wholesome Videos Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better – How’s you day? How’s your week? Maybe the whole month or year hasn’t really been all that amazing? These videos might cheer you up.

The 6 Funniest Cat Videos of All Time – You have to admit there isn’t anything much better in life than a funny cat video.

All Entries of Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022 – These photos are so good, they’re bound to make you laugh. Can’t wait for the 2023 awards…

Funny Valentine’s Day Cards To Make Your Partner Laugh – Each Valentine’s Day, you have two choices: you can take the romantic approach, or you can head straight for the funny bone and make them laugh…

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This Facebook Group Is Hilariously Recreating Famous Paintings


Ah, the age-old question of how to fight boredom at home. Some people turn to puzzles, others to TV shows. But for the truly ambitious, there’s nothing quite like recreating famous paintings with common household items. I mean, who needs an actual canvas when you’ve got a roll of toilet paper and a can of beans? And let’s not forget the real MVPs of the game – the pets, who are always willing to serve as both subject and muse. So next time you’re stuck at home, join this Facebook group, grab a bottle of ketchup and a mop and see what masterpieces you can create? Just don’t be surprised if your friends start calling you the “Cleaning Supply Picasso”.

Funny painting recreation.

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It’s Not a Myth: Blinker Fluid Really Exists!


Are your blinkers feeling a little sluggish? Do they seem like they’re on the brink of giving up? Well, have no fear! Introducing the all-new, revolutionary blinker fluid! Yes, it’s not just a myth, this thing is real. With just one tiny drop, your blinkers will be back to their lively, vibrant selves in no time. Don’t let a blinker malfunction ruin your day, trust the power of science behind this amazing invention! So why wait? Grab a bottle today and keep those blinkers on point!

Blinker fluid.

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