Horror Movie Screams Hilariously Photoshopped With Hot Pizza


Everybody loves a good horror movie but you have probably never imagined what it would look like if the people screaming were just eating hot pizza. This new photoshopping genre has people reimagining horror movie screams by adding a slice of pizza. After seeing it, these movies will never be the same. Now, whenever you’re scared you will just remember this gallery.

Horror movie scream with added hot pizza.

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This Instagram Account Is Posting The Most Ridiculous COVID-19 Masks Spotted On The Subway


Keeping the COVID-19 at bay is the top and foremost priority these days. A face mask has been added to the “check before leaving” daily bundle next to keys, phone, and wallet, and as we’re on our way to the second wave, we’re kinda used to this whole thing. But some people are still getting creative with the most questionable face coverings that defy science, common sense, and simply aesthetics. Luckily, there’s @SubwayCreatures Instagram page to keep track of them.

Some people wear masks in strange ways...

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