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The Reactions You Get When Offering Cats Salad – Obviously, they weren’t so cruel to actually offer cats salad, that would be animal abuse. Instead, they used the magic of Photoshop.

WTF Is Wrong With Japan?! – If you think you’re having a weird day, then check out a gallery featuring some of the strangest photos to come out of Japan!

Photos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face – Random selection of funny pictures that will help you to waste time online while you should actually be working.

Hilariously Brilliant Redneck Engineering – The world is full of human ingenuity, but a lot of it never gets seen because the people creating these wondrous inventions don’t have “patents” or “money” or “safety features”. They make stuff or fix stuff in ways that would never pass any kind of legal inspection.

Funniest Dog Videos Of All Time – We understand the value of a good funny dog video, so here’s a list of our six best viral pup videos of all time. You’re welcome.

Inside The Ugliest SUV Ever – There are few things that automotive journalists fully agree on, but if you put 100 auto journos in a room and asked them to name the five ugliest cars ever designed, we bet the Pontiac Aztek would be in everyone’s top three.

Poor Catfished Big Ed – How many times has “90 Day Fiance” star Big Ed has been catfished? Time to find out!

Pop Culture Icons Recreated With Sausages – This gallery is exactly what you think it is: sausages dressed as celebrities, art pieces, and cartoon characters.

Animals Caught Doing Funny Things – From a jet-propelled seagull to a gorilla picking its nose, these fabulously funny animal pictures are sure to make you giggle.

Brilliant Airport Prank – This guy painted “Welcome To Cleveland” on his roof, but… he lives next to Milwaukee airport.

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Twitter Reacts To Jeff Bezos Going To Space


So the Amazon founder journeyed into space along with three companions… But what really captured everyone’s attention was the interesting shape of the rocket. It has inspired a lot of jokes and drawn comparisons to the 1999 Austin Powers movie. Scroll down to see the funniest reactions!

Twitter reaction to Jeff Bezos spaceflight.

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This Guy Sends His Girlfriend Photoshopped Pictures Whenever She Asks If Their Kids Are OK


Kenny and his girlfriend have always had a humoristic approach towards both parenting and their relationship. After their first daughter was born, whenever Kenny was looking after her on his own, his girlfriend would contact him asking if she was doing OK. After a few of these queries, the dad developed quite the way to respond. With the help of his camera and Photoshop, Kenny began replying using photoshopped photos…

Don't worry, this is photoshopped.

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