Amazing Lifehack You Should Definitely Try


You can prevent yourself from crying while chopping onions by chewing gum. You can prevent yourself from crying in any other situation by not being such a little bitch.


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  1. Calling out bullies September 7, 2022

    Picking on little bitches, though satisfying, is politically incorrect.

  2. Adof Sniffler September 7, 2022

    Appropriate for Ramsay, not the annoying French guy.

  3. Sad? Donate to the Trump legal fund. Call 1-900-9099-CRY.

  4. But I only cry because it is so sad that the onion has to die so the vegans can eat…

  5. The onions will die anyway… fried onions go with my burger!

  6. Trump fans:

    Four years ago: F*ck your feelings!! Go cry a river, we don’t care. The younger generations just can’t handle any adversity.

    Now: The children will feel uncomfortable if we teach them history! Lets outlaw that. The teachers are actually child molesters, and evil for allowing different pronouns, so lets outlaw that too. ( they aren’t small government anymore. ) Now there is a teacher shortage. Gee, wonder why.

    • GOP always had the biggest and most expensive governents. That’s why the Dems are so good at debt management. Someone has to repair the damage.

  7. Heard a rumour September 8, 2022

    Heard a rumour, Trump is not an angry guy, He is in pain. Apparently he has
    the mother load of piles. Big purple grained ones that leak every time he wipes.
    No wonder his golf game is off, using the driver must be a pain in the arse, (No
    pun intended).

  8. The derangement never ends here. Truly a mental disorder. But this site is just a fish bowl of like minded people talking to no one but themselves. Reaffirming their biases and their ignorance. Any comment that does not fit the narrative is considered brigading the site. Sorry about the Queen. Justine Pierre Trudeau is a proven criminal. Jabs kill children. Bye.

    • People here think you are the criminal, Simon. You are. God knows what you do to children…

    • If you don’t like this site why do you post unsolicited bullsh*t in every thread?

    • There is nothing else in Simon’s life. His parents hate him, no friends and GOD KNOWS no women.

    • I read it as GOD KNOWS no women, not God knows, no women. Maybe that’s why he has to do some occasional smiting.

    • It’s both. That’s why it is written in capitals.

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