The World Explained With Two Cows

Have you ever had a hard time understanding various corporations and forms of governments? Thanks to Visually and two cows, your struggle is now over!

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

Explained with two cows.

38 thoughts on “The World Explained With Two Cows”

  1. Wow, socialism looks fantastic – what could go wrong? Every country should try it!

  2. This is so funny and smart…I love it :)

  3. This is how old? 10-15 years?

  4. Probably older than most of the people on here

  5. socialism: you have two cows. the government heavily taxes the cows and takes all the milk, promising it to everyone. only government and connected people get milk. everyone riots. you are left with only manure. the state promises to fix situation with crippling new manure tax on the “wealthy”.

  6. German Corporation:
    You have two cows and you build a barn to give them shelter. You don’t get the fire protection done right, and the cows can’t move in. The cows are struck by lightning.

  7. American capitalism: you have two cows, your neighbor has none. He dies.


  9. @Anonymouse Wrong. You have two cows, your neighbor has none, so the government takes (taxes the crap out of) a third of your milk to give to that neighbor, because he’s too damn lazy to get off his behind and work for his own cow.

  10. I wonder where the conservative crybabies all get the idea that socialism means someone is getting something because “they are lazy”? Is that a European definition? In the US the top 1% get a very generous socialism (the rest of us get “free market”)

  11. Writer is trying to be smart, funny and political.
    Fails miserably.
    Waste of time.

  12. Those crybabies are Americans — Europeans know from experience that being social has great benefits for all.

  13. He was in prison, did his time and can’t get a job to buy a cow. He still dies.

  14. The barn is supposed to open next year, but won’t open before 2031, maybe.

  15. If done right it works very well. Not that Soviet idiocracy. A healthy mix of capitalism and socialism works best.
    But that’s too complicated for Americans.

  16. Simplification is an easy job.

  17. The elite takes everything from you, doesn’t work, and forces you to work more. Sound quite like America.

  18. Yet another American narrow minded & simplistic view of politics. Sad, not funny.

  19. Eternal truth of humans endeavours…..:)

  20. Middle Eastern Corporations: You have two cows. Because their nipples are showing the people riot, rape the cows then stone them to death. No one is allowed to eat the meat or use the leather. You live like the 7th century forever.

  21. Some of these panels are critical of AOC, Berni and Lieawaffa. Who’s your web infrastructure provider?

  22. He is sick and can’t look after his cow. Fatal.

  23. It got socialism wrong. It isn’t you giving your neighbor a cow, that is charity. It is the state taking your 2 cows, dividing the ownership of each into 2 and giving 3 of your neighbors half a cow each, and you get half a cow “free” from the government. You get half the milk of your cow, but then half to pay half the milk to the government as tax. Every one blames you for not paying your “fair share” of milk. You work hard and get another cow. Government takes that cow and divides it up. Again you work hard and get another cow. Government takes it again. You stop working and government takes someone else’s cow and you are given a “free” 1/4 cow.

  24. Still brilliant compared with the foreign policy of the potus.

  25. In short: Too complicated for selfish egomaniacs.

  26. Socialism would work if humans weren’t involved.

  27. The cows are dead. You still turn on the ventilation for two hours per day so the place does not rot.

  28. Trump takes your credit card, buys two cows, keeps one himself and gives you the other one, and then goes about telling how his genius has made you rich.

  29. Hey, Euro, as long as you are happily giving away half of your paycheck already cut me in for 5-10%.


  30. @Haha, you don’t seem capable of understanding the difference between giving away money and paying for something one has benefited from in the past and will benefit from in the future, e.g. affordable care, affordable education, old age support, financial support in hard times, etc. Yes, some will pay more than they receive, depending how (un)lucky they are in life.

  31. The World Explained With Two Cows

    Print these pictures and article and EVERBODY will go nuts fighting over it.

  32. It’s just an insurance everyone pays into. I didn’t expect you to understand any sense of society. You are one of those persons who deserve to live on the street. Just to get a taste of it. But I’m pretty sure you’ll blame other for your situation then. Your achievements, others fails. Typical narcissist. Trump does it better, though. He’s much more successful than an inferior amateur like you.

  33. Thanks for clearing that up for us, Billy. While you’re at it look sarcasm.

    lol, sorry Euro, that you are dependent on the handouts of others. I pay my way and for that of enough people already.

    Recently I saw a news story that Canadian’s biggest expense are taxes. I’d prefer otherwise.

  34. US capitalism is so bad that the average poor American lives as well as the average European. But the Europeans have it figured out.

  35. The average poor American faces conditions (long working weeks, few holidays, no health insurance) that are deemed unacceptable in the EU.

  36. Living standards are actually higher in Europe.

  37. This whole thing sounds like Bull shit to me.

  38. stop commenting badly

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