World’s Greatest Gallery of Wet Owls


Do owls like getting wet? Well… If it’s on their terms, absolutely! But these majestic specimens however had no desire to soak under the rain. Scroll down to enjoy their misery, anger, and sadness.

This wet owl is not amused.

Wet owl hiding under a mushroom.

This wet owl is very pissed.

Angry wet owl.

Desperate wet owl.

Horribly pissed wet owl.

Seriously angry wet owl.

Baby owls hiding under a leaf.

World's angriest wet owl.

Adorable wet owl.

This wet owl is too tired to even care.

Couple of angry wet owls.

Adorable wet owl baby.

Hungover wet owl.

Pissed wet owl.

Wet owl looking at you.

Wet owl on a fence.

Wet owl on a pole.

Sad wet owl in the rain.

Wet owl standing on a sign.


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  1. So pointless, yet so entertaining.

  2. Cats > > > > > > Owls

  3. The first owl has a bird as a beak

  4. I didn’t know owls celebrated Halloween. Some really good costumes…

  5. That makes me depressed

  6. Anonymous July 6, 2021


  7. Owls solo ur fav animals

  8. Anonymous April 4, 2022

    Dont water your owl with garden hose, bad idea

  9. OwlLover123_unicorns April 4, 2022


  10. How horrible to drench an owl with a hose just to get a picture!!

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