Sherlock Sometimes Fails To Solve a Mystery


Is that mud on your shoes, Watson? No. Shit, Sherlock.


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  1. While I wait 38 months for an appointment, I’ll take my spare time to say how lucky I am for having a free health care that costs only half of my pay check in taxes and takes away my freedom to choose another health provider with less waiting time.
    USA is so stupid for not doing the same.

    • 38 months? Where do you live? I got mine after two days. In an emergency I can go there any time without losing my job and my home. I could even call an ambulance… without selling a kidney to pay for it.

    • Freedom to choose?

      Are you going to get a new job to change insurance plans? It’s not so smart to combine where you work with what insurance options you get.

  2. Well folks I would like to thank you for snapping up my virtual card collection.
    Made enough money to keep the fuel tanks full on my 747. May need to make
    a speedy exit real soon.


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