Medieval Conservatives

If the lords had more gold, then we would too, it's common sense.

11 thoughts on “Medieval Conservatives”

  1. If you think this is what conservatives actually believe, it’s no wonder at all you’re stupid enough to actually think it. A bit tautologous, but nowhere as stupid as your belief.

  2. Note to lib-tards. Conservatives cut taxes. What planet are you morons living on?

  3. True. Conservates are the lords and want you to stay poor. So, no one can take their gold. Common sense.

  4. This painting is “the gleaners” by Jean-François Millet, completed in 1857. Which is after the french revolution and large scale agricultural reform. These women were most likely wives of small holders who owned their own land. To quote wikipeida “Millet unveiled The Gleaners at the Salon in 1857. It immediately drew negative criticism from the middle and upper classes, who viewed the topic with suspicion: one art critic, speaking for other Parisians, perceived in it an alarming intimation of “the scaffolds of 1793.”[1] Having recently come out of the French Revolution of 1848, these prosperous classes saw the painting as glorifying the lower-class worker.” You are literally taking a painting glorifying the working class to suggest how down trodden the working class is. Pedantic much, probably yes.

  5. The Black Death provided opportunity for the lower and middle classes to negotiate for higher wages. The Black Death accelerated the destruction of the feudal system, the 14th century version of Marxism.

    Ironically, the manufactured crisis of WuFlu will bring us back to global Marxism and central control.

  6. I live in a planet where trickle down never worked. Turns out if you cut taxes on the rich, they get richer and the poor don’t automatically get richer too. (in fact, they got poorer.) But hey, at least our debt went way up.

    “Starve the beast” ( yep, we got debt. Good job Ronnie.)
    “I’m from the government and I’m hear to help” (that was a joke ? Turns out if you elect people who think like that, your government does become a joke. )

    Mission accomplished! Now we have massive debt and a generation who believes their government is incompetent. Too bad that also means ignoring the experts when it comes to deadly diseases….

  7. Only in your fantasies. “Left” reforms in the U States of A are far, far away from marxism. It’s just the minimum of a civilised western country in the 21. century. But you would need knowledge, education and perspective to see that. You are so much enslaved by a inhumane system that took control over your life that you fear freedom. Real freedom, not that fake, American merchandize that puts a blind over your eyes.
    Real leftism is as dangerous as American rightism. But Americans can only see black and white. Only think in black and white. Only vote black and white.

  8. The painting is what “true art” looks like.

  9. Are those Chinese women picking rice for Pooh Bear for pennies a day?

  10. Loyal servants, and surfs did actually think that way a lot of them.

  11. Did you know that over 95% of the billionaires in the world are left wing loons? It’s true. Check it out for yourself you brain dead morons.
    I suspect the reason is that the left can be easily bought.

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