Instagram Account “Bros Being Basic” Shows Men Recreating Typical Women’s Photos


If you are an Instagram user, you have most likely seen many cliché photos with girls posing for doing yoga, making bathroom selfies, or flipping their hair in the sea. This funny Instagram account shows men spoofing the such photos. It was founded by Atlanta-based blogger Ashley Hesseltine and a group of her male friends back in the 2014, and it’s still going strong with almost 1 million followers.

Women's Instagram photo parody.

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This Is How Medieval Artists Painted Elephants (They Had Apparently Never Seen an Elephant)


Imagine a four-legged beast with no knee joints that cannot lie down and has to sleep leaning against a tree. An animal with a long, skinny trumpet for a nose. A creature large enough that one can build entire castles on its back. It lives for 300 years and is afraid of mice. Its mortal enemy is the dragon. It must “travel to the East, near Paradise, where the mandrake grows” when it comes time to mate. Now draw this thing.

This is how medieval artists painted elephants.

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