Funny Package Hiding Fails


With online shopping getting more popular each year delivery guys have less time to think how to properly hide each package. They just don’t have enough time. It leads to pretty funny package delivery fails.

Funny package hiding fail.

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This Twitter Account Collects Hilariously Strange Medieval Art


The Twitter account @WeirdMedieval offers a rare glimpse into the strange medieval art by collecting and posting everything from illuminated manuscripts to mosaics, tapestries and stained glass. The medieval period is known for its many art forms and its awkward executions – just take a look how terrible medieval artists were at drawing cats! Luckily, now we have no shortage of content to laugh at.

Strange medieval art.

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Family Makes Neighborhood Laugh With Creative Fence Windows For Dogs


There are boring usual families, and then there are families that come up with creative ideas to keep themselves entertained. Brian Stanley came up with this fun project for him, his kids, dogs, and the whole neighborhood. His dogs’ names are Ripley and Burger King and they have a fun hobby of staring at their neighbors through a hole in their fence. So Brian decided to create pop culture cardboard posters around the cutout so that when his dogs poked their heads through the fence, the images would come to life and brighten up the neighborhood.

Funny fence window for dogs.

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Vladimir Putin Toilet Paper Is Gaining Popularity


Are you looking for a whole new wiping experience? Are you ready take your pooping to the next level? Well, you are in luck! You can choose from several styles on Amazon. As you can see from the pictures below, many satisfied customers are already channeling their political hatred in a healthy way. When the war finally ends, these will probably be in every hotel toilet in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin toilet paper.

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