Balenciaga Stiletto Crocs Are Coming Soon!


We regret to inform you that Crocs is at it again. It seems that the humanity is indeed doomed, because Balenciaga and Crocs have teamed up for Balenciaga’s Spring 2022 collection, debuting unique stiletto clogs, coming in various colors like green, grey, and black.

High-heel Crocs are real!

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This Instagram Account Makes Sinister Parodies of Kid’s Books To Ruin Your Childhood Memories


Thomas Columbo is the creator behind Instagram account @DigitalMeddle that alters vintage children’s books through the use of almighty Photoshop, adding the text in order to give the stories a different meaning with a comedic effect. Something that drives his passion for this unique art form is people’s disapproving comments, although overall his work is well received. Scroll down to see the funniest examples and don’t forget to leave a comment about how offended you feel and how poor taste this is!

Sinister parody of kid's book.

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