How Communism Works



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  1. Except for the chubby little fat kid. He doesn’t starve.

  2. That is actually not communism. That’s the result of faking it. There hasn’t been a real communist state so far. They all ended up military or monarchy-like dictatorships.
    It just doesn’t work as long as people are involved. I wonder why the so smart theorists of communism and socialism didn’t see that coming.

    • Lenin's momma September 9, 2017

      And I thought you were a Mohammedan looking forward to the caliphate.

    • We all know the Federation is the perfect communist state, I saw that on star trek.

    • 100+ years of “that’s not actually Communism.”
      That’s alot of years,
      alot of corpses,
      to not actually show IT DOESN’T F*ING WORK.

      But at least you show everyone that DENIAL IS ETERNAL.

    • What’s your problem, Kauf? No one of us here started a communist regime. So I guess… What wrong with learned from other peoples’ experience. You should try it from time to time. Maybe you would see the fascist regime of your dreams isn’t better either.

    • Dat, fascism is the sibling of communism. Free market, free speech, small government, individual freedom, are not fascism and are the extreme opposite of fascism and communism. That’s what me and Kauf support.
      The more government, the less freedom and more close to fascism you are.

      So please, learn using the fascism label you like to do. Fascist is not who oppose leftism and their big government, fascist is who is in favor of less individual freedom and in favor of using government to force their view onto others.

    • Throwing fascism and socialism in one bucket is a nice touch and common these days but still bullsh*t. They share characteristics but that is all. Simplifing the world might help you but not the world.
      The moment you list “free market” to your system it will collapse into a corporate dictatorship. That’s the problem. There have to be regulations. The market will NOT regulate itself. Never did. It will rage till nothing is left. Russia these days shows us what happens if everything becomes unregulated. After the USSR collapsed it was completly unregulated with a small government and even free speech. Look what it is today. This is the sh*thole of your dreams. This is what would happen to the US, to any state. Under Trump it already has begun. What you hope to gain in your support will not come.
      American free speech is an abomination. It supports hatespeech, fake facts and character assassination. Americans use free speech in a perverted way. Ones freedom should end where anothers is violated. The american mentalty gives nothing on others. It’s an egocentric, cold-hearted society. Sympathy may be feigned occasionally. Yet each man for himself.
      “Small government” is a hollow phrase. It means just cutting money in quantity, not quality. By that the government will stop functioning. Chaos will rule. It will be weakend and more vunerable to corporate influence.
      It’s all about ballance. Neither communism nor fascism or total unregulation overkill are the solution. Democracy and freedom in the west thrived when the USSR was still in place. The western civilisation had to show a better concept in contrast to the communist regime in the east. After the fall of the USSR there was no more need for ideals. The western states were sold out to companies and still are. Everything is less regulated since then and it is spiraling down. What you advocate is to fall faster.

    • Communism IS WORKING! I lived in Yugoslavia while it existed, and it worked perfect. I have some Bulgarian friends, and difference between Bulgarian/SSSR “communism” and Yugoslavian communism are unimaginable. They (mostly) hate their communism, we (mostly) love our communistm.–Stalin_Split

    • Dat,
      though it won’t CURE your delusional ILLNESS
      polease know that I KNOW FASCISM
      FASCISTS KILLED my aunt.
      Yeah, actually. 1939.
      Please, you assume too much.
      You are wrong.
      If I could, I’d inviute you for drinks
      (enough to make you, and/or me or us to tip over)
      and talk about it.
      but it happened.
      I know it is evil.
      I ALSO know Communism is evil.
      ALSO from relatives.
      If you have ACTUAL experience with it,
      please let me/us know.
      But I do.
      So, skip the assumptions.
      Totalitarianism is ugly.
      BUTT UGLY.
      Skip the left/right business (I disagree with it, but it took years and research).
      It’s more liberty VS control
      than Left VS right.

    • Yawn. Just another fake story by Kauf Buch.

    • GGG, you are mistaken. Yugoslavia was never a communist state; it was a socialist state. It was even in the name: Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

    • BigR, like all other “communist” states.
      USSR = Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics

    • GGG: According to Merriam Webster, one of the definitions of Communism is:

      “A final stage of society in Marxist theory in which the state has withered away and economic goods are distributed equitably.”

      Was the state still in existence?

  3. Step 3: Some are more equal than others.

  4. Just look at ANTIFA’s behaviour while dressed in that hammer and sickle logo, that’s really all you need to know about communism today.

  5. still best system for planet earth

    • Why is the author so agitated? With Trump in charge his dream of tyranny is in sight. No more worries.

  6. cleverer than you September 11, 2017

    This isn’t a very good social comment. I don’t think you even understand that communism is a political party acting on the principles of socialism. Socialism works as long as the country officials aren’t corrupt (which they usual turn out to be) and if the rest of the trading countries it partners with aren’t working on a different system (which they are because most countries are on the self defeating version of capitalism). I probably put a lot more thought into this reply than you did into your post *sigh*

  7. robert taillon September 11, 2017

    US democracy is much better, founded on the genocide of a nation and the slavery of an other nation.

  8. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
    -G Santayana

    History has shown time and again that, with the exception of the smallest of communities, communism doesn’t work.

  9. EVEN MORE “fun” stuff about communism and fascism!

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