Innovation In USA vs. Innovation In Europe

Wow, what a groundbreaking innovation we’ve been blessed with in the EU – detachable bottle caps! This will save the world, just like paper straws! How did we even survive all these years without this life-changing innovation? Hats off to whoever thought, “Hey, you know what the world really needs? Bottle caps that stay attached.” Because, clearly, the biggest problem we were facing was the devastating, catastrophic separation of bottle caps from their bottles.

24 thoughts on “Innovation In USA vs. Innovation In Europe”

  1. One is recyclable waste, the other is an open pop bottle!

  2. What innovative about an iPhone? It’s just an idea stolen from other innovators.

  3. Oh eatliver….
    What a shame…

  4. Both of them are created, because people are stupid.

  5. I tried this new idea, and got half the pop spilled all over me. Gotta use
    a disposable cup with this idea.

  6. I just got back from Europe and saw these everywhere. I get why they are doing it, but the problem is that unless you drink the whole bottle, it will leak. When you put the cap back on and put the bottle in a pack or something and it tips over, it leaks all over everything. Unlike the bottles in the Americas. You have to really tighten the bottle cap as hard as you can to create a useful seal.

  7. Never had a leaking bottle in my life. You just have to twist it a bit backwards, until the cap does not tilt, then clockwise again. Then the cap will level correctly with the grove inside of it, and it will tighten and seal like new – with not that much effort.

  8. Do you in US have stay-tab openings for beer cans etc? Do you complain so much about it? It is the same. Less garbage on the streets. But yes, you must screw a cap back onto a bottle to recap it. Do you in US have self-recapping bottles with detachable caps that you see trouble in recapping bottle after use

  9. It doesn’t leak. You were just incapable to put in on again properly. And there is always the option to just rip it off and use it like the old caps. But it just works the same as a simple bottle cap.

  10. “Hey, you know what the world really needs? An overpriced phone with 3000 cameras with the same performance as previous phone with 2999 cameras.”

  11. According to a Japanese survey the UK invented about 50 per cent of the things our modern world is based on.
    The jet engine
    Liquid crystals
    The world wide web
    The list goes on and on.
    British scientists discovered or refined many of the fundamental laws of physics
    Newton – gravity and calculus
    Maxwell – the laws of electromagnetisn.
    Darwin – evolution
    The industrial revolution started in the UK.
    We invented many of the worlds most popular sports including football (soccer), rugby (on which American football is based), rounders (on which baseball is based), golf, tennis, cricket…….
    The USA are amateurs by comparison.

  12. At least the bottle, or its lid won’t spy on you.

  13. Television, jet engine, computers… Many things on these lists were invented by Germans but the Brits filed the patents. Except in the cases where American filed first and took it from the Germans and the Brits. Hello, Mr. Edison.

  14. The first workable television system was invented by John Logie Baird in the 1920s.
    The BBC had the world’s first public TV system in the early 1930s. The waveforms and picture format that all world TV systems used until relatively recently were invented by Alain Blumlein and his colleagues at the EMI laboratories just to the west of London and were used in the early BBC broadcasts.
    Charles Babbage invented the programmable computer albeit mechanical in about 1822.
    Ada Lovelace was the world’s first programmer.
    The Collosus electronic computer at Bletchly Park during the second world War was the world’s first electronic digital.programmable computer
    The jet engine was invented by Frank Whittle in 1928, way before any German involvement.
    A lot of the fundamental work.on the atomic bomb was done in the UK and passed to America who double crossed the Brits, so the UK developed their own atomic weapons.
    There was also the steam engine, the first pedal bicycle, logaritms, the marine chronometer enabling accurate navigation, vaccines, oncandescent light ( invented by Sir Humphry .Davy in 1802 long before Edison), concrete, electromagnets, electromagnetic induction (on which transformers are based), postage stamps, the fax machine, Boolean algebra (the basis of digital logic), the hyperdernic syringe, traffic lights, photo electric cells, the telephone (patented in the USA but Alexander Graham Bell was Scottish), the light switch, fingerprint classification, discovery of the electron, tarmac, discovery of electroluminescence (the principle behind LEDs), the world’s first air force, colour television (John Logie Baird again in 1928), the anglepoise lamp, cats eyes, the first commercial jet airliner, discovery of the structure of DNA, the atomic clock, carbon fibre, the touch screen, the cash machine and PIN, the RSA algorithm, lithium.ion batteries, the world’s first test tube baby, DNA profiling, the world wide web, HTML and HTTP, iris recognition, animal cloning, graphene and the world’s first deployment ofca covid vaccine.
    All the above were British.

  15. And of course not forgetting the English language, an early form of which existed centuries before Columbus discovered America.

  16. The British also had the largest empire in the world, then lost it quicker then any other empire in the world!

  17. European innovation, American innovation, all made in China… πŸ™ƒ

  18. The UK has about one percent of the world’s population but the world’s sixth biggest economy.

  19. There was never an American Empire

  20. A kingdom is ruled by a king.
    An empire is ruled by an emperor.
    The USA is a country.

  21. It’s a federal republic.

  22. Keeping plastic out of nature and the ocean is far far far better than anything to do with a smart phone.

  23. I like Euro Travellers comment. Proud of an i-Phone he doesnt invent but unable to turn a lid back in the bottle.

  24. Without the laws of electro magnetism,
    without digital computers, without liquid crystals, without telephones there would be no iPhone. All four of the above are British inventions.

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