The Origins of Elon Musk’s Greatness


It's so great being an apartheid South African emerald mine owner! I started from the bottom and now I'm here because I'm a galaxy brain genius.


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  1. Chattanooga noot noot August 12, 2022

    Please dad, can I have some munney 🥹

  2. They’re either born into dough or steal the dough.

  3. jealous much

    • Pretty sure most people rather think it’s unfair. Jealousy is something else.

    • Actually the right term is envy. But people who believe you should not screw other’s over to get rich are not envious or jealous, just disgusted.

  4. And both are despicable.

    Musk ain’t no better than his dad.
    The whole Tesla thing claims to be the saviour due to being fully electric, while: the cars sometimes self ignite the battery, burning hundreds of kg lithium. Then shooting a Tesla into space, just for fun and advertisement, which did produce as much CO2 pollution as 100 million Volkswagen diesel cars weren’t able to produce in 10 years. And then adding space tourism in which each single lift off did produce more co2 into the atmosphere then 10 intercontinental flights, that transports several hundred people and even more packages over the globe… And even worse: produces CO2 into the most upper layers of our atmosphere, where it creates hundredfold the damage than co2 released at 10km above ground (the flight height of intercontinental flights).
    Oh yes… And don’t forget about his 10000 satellites… That did not just polute the atmosphere, but also the night sky and thus a lot of important research…..
    In the end, while some idiots praise the guy for the whole Tesla crap, Elon musk is responsible for more co2 pollution than most countries! I’m the world

    • He didn’t even found the company himself. He bought himself in and pushed the founders out.
      Does this with most of his business. Once the original founders are gone he has all documents changed and claims to be the founder himself. Cheap.

    • @Mimimi: I will break you.

    • @effendi: that escalated quickly, my Turkish friend. You should learn to respect other people’s opinions without directly threatening them ;)

    • Nikola Edison August 17, 2022

      Meh….you’ll get over it. Nothing you can do but bitch about it in the comments.

  5. Love the sofa August 12, 2022

    Most rich people get demonized. The basement dwellers can’t figure
    out how to make a living so accuse others as being dishonest, cruel,
    or crooks.
    Maybe I should donate the furniture I inherited so not to be accused
    of owning something.

    • Maybe you should shove your daddy’s chaise longue up your @$$. Now, instead of owning, you’ve been pwned.

    • Does the furniture say Campell’s soup or Cheerio’s on the side?

  6. Maybe you should shove your daddy’s chaise longue up your @$$

  7. He is still cool and I like him.

    • Oh, oh, he’s definitely not cool. Puhahaha. Trying to chicken his way out of a deal.

  8. Don Quixote August 13, 2022

    Hey idiots, the South African mine story is fake, use Google,!

    • Sancho Panda August 13, 2022

      His father is not proud of him. He thinks Elon is too fat and not successful enough. That says all. Money isn’t everything when you ARE a fake.

  9. I am very brave to threaten someone anonymously on the internet.
    By the way: I am 10 years old, have a very small pp and like to lick rocks in public

  10. If you had bothered to read the article in Forbes you copied Dad’s picture from, you would know he was not wealthy. But making shit up is fun, right?

  11. Applies to both. No argument there.

    • Hooded man in the dark corner August 13, 2022

      They are pretty much made out of the same stuff. And it ain’t no stardust…

  12. Stardust! And a black hole is what they always leave behind for their victims.

  13. No Einsteins here August 14, 2022

    Fake story. And judging by most comments, y’all are just feeling hurt because you would not get a job at any of Musk’s companies for lack of intellectual capacity.

    • No, thanks. August 14, 2022

      Working as a slave under a narcissist? Uhm, nope. I’m happy in my engineering job under humane conditions and a boss that is a human himself, not a lizard.

    • Unfortunately it is so very true what some people stated here my dear fanboy. Your dear hero is a narcissist and he cares even less about his employees than about his children.
      I were already contacted like 3-4 times by job Headhunters to work for Tesla, which I happily refused. I prefer to use my abilities for a company that actually aims to produce quality instead of those death traps

    • @No Einsteins here: Given the majority of Musk’s employees are semi skilled and poorly paid plebs in Shanghai and third world Austin then I doubt anyone here will be shedding tears.

    • No Einsteins here August 17, 2022

      Musk is not a narcissists. He is on the autism spectrum.

      And to the other idiot: what you write about employees is complete BS… and you know it… wait, actually, you don’t, you’re living in a Trump style world.

    • As a high functioning autist I can tell you his behavior isn’t very typical for someone on the spectrum. Too often “asperger’s” is an obvious excuse for character flaws and bad behavior.
      Autism will not prevent the development of a narcissistic or other disorder.
      You can be an autist and an a-hole.

    • Kate Yelkovan August 25, 2022

      Every other person in the Bay Area works at Tesla. It’s not a flex

  14. Musk can’t be that hard on people, just ask his ex wives.

  15. There seems to be a lot of jealousy in these remarks…All of them by lib-tard losers who have done absolutely nothing to improve life on earth. All they do is whine. By the way, they will remain whining losers for the rest of their lives. They’ve been brainwashed to blame others because they are not successful. It easier than working hard. He runs companies that supply tens of thousands of well paying jobs. He makes the world cleaner with his electric cars. He gotten us away from relying on NASA to get things into space. including launching numerous satellites to eventually let everyone on earth have access to high speed Internet. Then there’s lib-tards, who when they would luck out and win a lottery for millions of dollars, end up broke in a couple of years. It’s pretty pathetic to have your main accomplishment in life to be nothing but a sniveling, jealous, do-nothing, whiner. Congratulations.

    • All granted. That doesn’t make up for a bad character, though. Except when you are a very superficial person, like a right-tard. That would be sad.
      There are other billionaires who do much more for humanity than toy flamethrowers by the way.

    • The biggest whiner on the world has been falsely claiming for two years now that he won the elections. He also won millions of dollars in the the (birth) lottery and ended up broke in a couple of years.

  16. Wow! Take it easy there, Chip. You’re gonna send yourself to the hospital with a hate-induced stroke. If course, how are you gonna pay for that? Stupid sh!twicket.

    • Maybe he has Tesla healthcare… but it’s probably just Trump healthcare.

  17. I dont actually care either way but 70% of the electricity produced in America is made by burning fossil fuels and half of the electricity produced is depleted during transit on the wires so electric cars actually burn more fossil fuels than good ole gasoline burners

    • The energy losses in power cables are more like 10%. And your good ole gasoline burners have very low efficiencies, somewhere around 25%.

    • Efficiency of combustion engines is indeed bad. Most of the early cars at the beginning of the 20th century were actually electric. But batteries were heavy and then oil became cheaper and cheaper.

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