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  1. Have my own issues. April 6, 2022

    Might be a loser, but at least she’s not a whiner.

  2. Western SWF April 6, 2022

    BLM protest in the morning, Antifa that afternoon, pro 28 day postpartum infanticide protest tomorrow morning. All is well.

    • Western Alt-Right April 6, 2022

      Mass shooting at local mall.

    • Gotta know April 7, 2022

      You are one busy person with all these activities to attend. Do you collect
      a payroll for your efforts. If not how do you support yourself?
      Are you on the dole? ( welfare to my Yankee friends.)
      Does mom give you a generous allowance?
      Maybe you receive a stipend from Russia for all your troll activities.
      Do you sell drugs?
      Do you retrieve packages off neibours porches?
      Do you do a bit of hooking?
      Do you con vunderable women? (Men)
      Are you a shop lifter?
      Do you “borrow” from friends and relatives, but ignore repayment?
      I could go on and on, but you get the drift.

    • James Hodgkinson April 7, 2022

      @Western Alt-Right

  3. Definitely votes Left. Burn it all down is the mantra of the Left. And look around.. it’s working perfectly.

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