How's life? Everything's on track thanks.

6 thoughts on “Relatable”

  1. Might be a loser, but at least she’s not a whiner.

  2. BLM protest in the morning, Antifa that afternoon, pro 28 day postpartum infanticide protest tomorrow morning. All is well.

  3. Mass shooting at local mall.

  4. You are one busy person with all these activities to attend. Do you collect
    a payroll for your efforts. If not how do you support yourself?
    Are you on the dole? ( welfare to my Yankee friends.)
    Does mom give you a generous allowance?
    Maybe you receive a stipend from Russia for all your troll activities.
    Do you sell drugs?
    Do you retrieve packages off neibours porches?
    Do you do a bit of hooking?
    Do you con vunderable women? (Men)
    Are you a shop lifter?
    Do you “borrow” from friends and relatives, but ignore repayment?
    I could go on and on, but you get the drift.

  5. @Western Alt-Right

  6. Definitely votes Left. Burn it all down is the mantra of the Left. And look around.. it’s working perfectly.

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