Your Contacts Won’t Help You

I don't give a damn who you know.

18 thoughts on “Your Contacts Won’t Help You”

  1. If your parents are members of The Party(D) that is not entirely true.Ball out and burn it down are only hours apart with impunity.

  2. Yeah, because the Republicans absolutely object nepotism… Like your president – the incarnation of nepotism. But I’m pretty sure his family in the government will defend him against this accusation. Wake up. Your country is broken.

  3. Yeah. Our country is broken. Destroyed. The levels of starvation and disease are unprecedented. America is now a third world country. Our only hope is that the EU countries and other members of NATO save us. The bodies piled in the streets. The packs of wild dogs attacking and eating children, it’s awful, just awful. Don’t come here. Tell your friends. Hahaha 😂 OMG 😆 my sides. You guys kill me!

  4. Yup, it’s broken.
    Starvation is reality even for school children in your country. Thousands of unemployed and sick people live on the streets.
    The corona disease is killing in your country more than in any other. There is no country with more deaths.
    The U.S. are a third world country for some time now. The infrastructure is outdated, social systems are basicly not existent, the gap between rich and poor is immense, no healthcare. Views and morals in society are stuck in earlier decades… no centuries. One of the most criminal countries on the globe. Yes, most third world countries handle it far better.
    EU or NATO can’t help you with that. Your problems are on the inside.
    At least you use food cooling trucks to pile the corpses behind the hospitals. And without animal control and food trucks dogs would eat your dead.
    At the moment no one has interest in visiting the U.S. You are on the brink of civil war. People are already shooting at each other. Who would want to visit a pestilent warzone?
    Laughing off reality won’t save you. Only actions do. And no one here has an interest in killing you. Corona might do the job though.

  5. Your right. It’s all just as you say. Tell your friends. Stop coming here. Let us die in peace. “Cough.. cough…”. I just wish we could have had more immigration while we were a good country. If only we had been more like Europe, maybe we would have survived. Hahahaha. 🤣😂😆. Okay bachu bazi Boy. You go drink more kool aid. On a more serious note who said anything about someone wanting to kill me? I gotta report that to the FBI since it’s an overseas threat. They take that stuff pretty serious here. We didn’t become #1 being stupid.

  6. If the driver was black he’s have at least seven holes in his back already. Self defense.

  7. You’re. Yes, some Europe would do you good. But it’s too late for that.
    Your insult is quite immature and shows you are not interested in a discussion. That means you gave up. And don’t forget that in Pennsylvania more 30 of your American priests abust more than 100,000 victims. And that just the tip of the iceberg. You are really leading… in every aspect.
    No one here drinks kool aid. That’s an American thing. No one else uses that phrase. But I didn’t expect you know anything about the rest of the world. Except some fairytales on Breitbart and Fox news.
    You said: “You guys kill me!” Which might be libel on your side. Can you give me your contact at the FBI? Or are you just paranoid? A psychiatrist might be more help with that than the FBI. I understand mental health problems are quite common in the U.S.
    You did become #1 by bullying others btw. Spending big money for the military may be good for warfare overseas but at home your country is desolate and lacks a fundamental structure in everything. And now it collapses under its own weight.
    But hey, you gave up anyway.

  8. Pretzel Logic. Expected, but disappointing. What’s a matter, Did you miss the child sex slave sale in Libya and now your cranky? Or maybe the crack down on the islamic rape gangs has you worried. New knife attacks got you in the dumps? Over throughing Western Civilization proving to be harder then the moon travelers prophecy implied? We’ll hang in there! And always remember, the amount of entertainment your part of the world brings to the rest of us is priceless. My buddies and I laugh our butts off reading your delusional depictions of life here. We’ve all been to Europe and the Middle East multiple times and for long periods of time. You know nothing of America. You believe everything the BBC tells you. We’re fat, dumb and happy. As the people who live at the top should be. Tell us more fables now Aesop we need the laughs! 😂🤣

  9. Throwing. Saved a sentence

  10. How is weather in Moscow, comrade?

  11. Better try to save America from Trump mafia.

  12. America is doing just fine thanks. Maybe look in the mirror a minute. I know your not allowed to post anything negative about your own countries and you need the outlet so its a constant attack on the top dog but its sad to watch from this side. Your information in all redacted because you don’t have a free press and they took your ability to defend yourselves along with your free speech. Everyone here understands and we pity you. Honestly. As free people we hate seeing the level of tyranny that has occurred in other countries like yours. But Watching you people has made us fight harder to retain our freedoms. You have at least served as a good example of how NOT to be free. We thank you for that. Now, get your children out of there! Its their only hope. You know this.

  13. You are clearly proud of being misinformed. So sad.

  14. It’s like people believing Hitler’s propaganda back in the 1930/40s. Even though all the signs of the lies are in front of them they are bling. Totally brainwashed. Sad indeed. And sad it still happens so fast. Maybe Americans can’t learn from others’ mistakes. And the innocent will pay the price.

  15. Correction, “blind.”

  16. Then post a negative comment about Islam from your side. I’ll wait, but we both know you won’t because you can’t. Prove me wrong.

  17. Charlie Hebdo did a commemorative issue with Muhammed cartoons. For sale in France, so you wouldn’t know it.

  18. Islam is the same shit as christianity. Just another color. There, you have it.

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