17 thoughts on “Men’s Fashion Ads From The 1970s”

  1. Still better than the vagabond style (or whatever it is called)

  2. Some of these look goofy to me. But the worst of them are a lot better than wearing your pants half way down your rear.

  3. Terrible 70’s.

  4. Awful, but I could easily compile fashions from right now that are just as stupid. (also, I was alive in the 70s and never saw anyone wearing any of this shit)

  5. Oh, how I wish I could unsee that.

  6. need eye transplant now.

  7. What frilly, pompous, fancy lads. So tacky and uncouth.

  8. i see a scottish mario with spanish luigi, and fred from scooby doo

  9. Did they do this Photo shopping in mommy and daddy’s basement while relaxing with their Play Dough?

  10. At least they are not fatass millennial commie soy boy beta orbiters

  11. gee, Greg. Sounds like you’ve got some daddy issues.

  12. Gee… My fashion back then must have been at least decent, since I remember wearing turtle necks, bell bottom cords, and large shirt collars that you could fly south with.

  13. Jesus…

  14. Makes me think there may well be similar article in the 2070s about the ridiculous 2020 fashions! When all is said and done fashion and tastes come and go

  15. I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit …

  16. For the record, NOBODY wore that stuff in the 70’s. Just like nobody wears the ridiculous ‘fashion’ modeled on runways today.

  17. I sure didn’t see anyone in the 70s wearing that stuff.

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