Ridiculous Fashion And Album Covers of 1970s Swedish Bands


Satin outfits, stylish beards, blocky fonts and some of the most hideous fashion you’re ever likely to see, it’s all here and more, designed to make your eyes bleed.



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  1. Helmut Helsinki April 22, 2018

    All men, I think. The hair doesn’t offer a guide. What’s with the team outfits?

  2. Dark Sith Lord Lieberman April 22, 2018

    OK, I’m convinced now. The Mohammedan immigrant invasion is a good thing, they have it coming. Tubeteikas and burka’s would be an improvement and capital punishment if they don’t comply.

  3. E.A. Presley April 22, 2018

    The Swedes have a saying that goes something like this: “It’s better to succeed unconventionally than to fail conventionally.” I like that saying, but sometimes it seems that failing unconventionally is really an awful option.

    Still, keep doing your thing, Sweden!

  4. You mean the 70s were an *international* thing? Dear gods, that’s scary…

  5. Is that a sock in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

  6. Norsemen aren’t afraid of nothing, I guess. Not even embarrassment.

  7. Sweden is like dogs. Stupid, ugly and irrelevant.

    Denmark > Scandinavia > Rest of World > Sweden

    PS “Gott Humör” (Album #6 from top) doesn’t mean Goth Humour, sadly. But instead : “Good/Great Mood”. Not something you would normally be in, when thinking about Sweden. ^o^

  8. Lucky Swede April 22, 2018

    Too bad nobody mentions that many of these bands still uses same outfits….

  9. Omega isn’t swedish, it’s hungarian. Also, pretty good music :)

  10. Terrible costumes, but still better than some of the very recent “men’s” clothing coming out of fashion and style. It all hurts the eyes.

  11. I’m speechlees , and swedish… Gonna have to have a talk with dad, this is awesome and horrible at the same time.

  12. Ω Hungarian band “on the way of stars” LP 1978

  13. Anonymous April 4, 2021

    Åland is part of finland

  14. The hairline of the second Tomtélius from the left is not allowed for humans.

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