The Funniest Reactions to Boris Johnson Becoming The Prime Minister of UK


As you’ve have probably heard, Boris Johnson has become the prime minister of UK and will run the country from now on. We browsed the internet and collected the funniest first reactions to this surprising fact.

Hilarious Boris Johnson meme.

Hilarious Boris Johnson meme.

Hilarious Boris Johnson meme.

Hilarious Boris Johnson meme.

Hilarious Boris Johnson meme.

Hilarious Boris Johnson meme.

Hilarious Boris Johnson meme.

Hilarious Boris Johnson meme.

Hilarious Boris Johnson meme.

Hilarious Boris Johnson meme.

Hilarious Boris Johnson meme.

Hilarious Boris Johnson meme.

Hilarious Boris Johnson meme.

Hilarious Boris Johnson meme.

Hilarious Boris Johnson meme.

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  1. Lieberman for Emporor - Bob. July 24, 2019

    It seems like a common mistake to compare and contrast your supervillain of the moment with Senator Lieberman (US) as was done in panel 12. Granted Senator Palpatine and Senator Lieberman do have a striking resemblance themselves, but it’s been done so much.

    It’s my guess that Boris is a Tory (to lazy to look it up) in the context of comic but can one really tell any more the difference between Tory and Labor?

    • No difference between Labour and Conservatives? Haha! Capitalism and Socialism, going head-to-head… as it should be. That’s why we elected Corbyn, because previously pig looked to man and man to pig and neither could tell the difference.

  2. Make Draino A Sink Unclogger and Not an After Shave Lotion Again - Ted July 24, 2019

    Nigel for Emperor.

  3. Not right to compare Boris with Trump. Yes he has a reputation for liking women but doesn’t go around groping them like the lowlife the Americans elected.

    We seem to be in interesting times where second rate humans get elected.

  4. Congrats on Putin on having yet another puppet country.France, you next?

    • Putin hasn’t left the toilet for ours now. A doctor has been called for his sore hands.

  5. Ida Clare July 24, 2019

    I love liberals’ desperate attempts at knocking down conservatives. They are so pathetic, that they are hilarious! They can never brag about the great things they did when they had their chance because they did nothing great. This means all they can do it try to make conservatives look bad. They are too clueless to see that this method doesn’t work, and in fact, backfires. That’s why they keep losing elections! Keep it up! Trump and Boris would not be in office if it weren’t people being sick and tired of whining liberals who who have the mental maturity of 2nd graders throwing temper tantrums!

    • The democratic candidate won the popular vote in every presidential election from 1992 onwards, except 2004.The people must be really “sick and tired of whining liberals.”

    • Anonymous July 24, 2019

      Conservatives are just bad people. By definition. It was conservatives that tried to keep our ancestors in the caves in 200.000 B.C. Because progress is bad and against the will of Hugga, the cave god.

    • The voice of reason.

    • Anonymous July 25, 2019

      There is no such thing as the national popular vote. If there was, the only places that would get any attention is California and new York. You have to actually win the popular vote in enough states. Only an idiot would think a national popular vote was important or desired.

    • Progress is not always good. Change in itself is not an improvement. If you get brain cancer that is not likely a good change. That and progressives like term liberal does not fully describe them. Modern progressives are actually socialist, immoral, village idiots that think a man wearing a dress and calling himself a woman, is in fact a woman!

    • @anonymous: a national popular vote is desired because it would make the vote of every citizen weigh in equally, as befits a country where all people are equal by law.

    • Free World July 25, 2019

      The American election system is a joke. Fake democracy.

  6. And William scores this round for why we feel disenfranchised, frustrated, and WTF….“that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth” . Was that just an empty sentiment by an old man after 620,000 people died in the Civil War? Well done America.

    We aren’t stupid, just stuck.

    • Nope. You are stupid. If you want to disenfranchise voters make every state except ca and ny not matter in the least. You win the award for second dumbest person on here

    • So instead, you disenfranchise voters because they happen to live in a populous state. With proportional representation every voter outside CA and NY matters equally much as every voter inside CA and NY, which is quite different from “not matter in the least”. But hey, you did not win that award for nothing.

  7. The Real Anon July 25, 2019

    Question: Would Lord Buckethead be a better, or worse, choice for PM?

  8. William, they are represented. The legislature is by population. The president is by popular vote by state, you have to win the popular vote in a multitude of states. You can’t just win CA and ny and ignore everyone else.

    • The presidential election system is very unrepresentative of the people’s vote, both by voters in Wyoming having thrice the weight of voters in California and by most states having switched to the winner-takes-all trick. A revision is long overdue.

    • William II July 27, 2019

      The legislature is not by population either, but by a district system subject to obscene gerrymandering.

    • Kevin, you are wasting your breath and electrons trying to explain things to people. If they truly wanted to understand why the USA does what it does there are many books that describe why we do things the way we do. The USA is a Republic with each state having equal strength and value. It was made this way by design, not by accident. On top of it, the old saying still holds true, if you don’t like the Constitution, try changing it, that would require 2/3’s of the states to agree with you and somehow or another I just don’t see that happening.

    • Anonymous July 29, 2019

      The constitution does not say that the electoral college is elected by winner-takes-all, in gross distortion of the people’s vote.

  9. Free world, it isn’t a fake democracy. It isn’t a democracy. Democracies are mob rule. It is a republic. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner

    • Many republics (by your definition) call themselves democracies, as in “India is the largest democracy in the world.” But if you insist: the US is a faked republic. The two wolves and the sheep elected their one representative, a wolf, who decided what is for dinner.

  10. Oh and btw William, electoral college votes are based on population. That is why CA has so many

  11. Anonymous July 28, 2019

    Oh, the libs are scared and crying. Trump’s policies are working, just look at the economy. You commies get mad when a real leader comes along.

    • None of Trump’s policies is working, everything he touches goes wrong. Just look at the situation at the border (more immigrants i.s.o. less), international relations (our only ally is North Korea, and even they are not happy), the third-rate administration of ass-lickers, and so on. Trump has no direct control over the economy, so it takes him a bit longer to end the sustained economic rise of the last 10 years. He is certainly trying, with trade wars (all the tariffs are paid by us, China pays exactly $0), his belief in trickle-down economy (to lower his personal taxes; the theory was debunked by economists long ago), an exploding budget deficit (just guess who is going to pay this bill), etc. Republicans have discarded all their principles under the spell of a con man.

    • screw kevin August 16, 2019

      thank god trump fixed the economy. I was worried we might get a recession due to his foolish trade war… oh wait.

  12. Someone call the WAAAAAAAAAAAmbulance for Willy.

    • You’d better send that ambulance to collect the narcisist at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue (and a couple police squads for his enablers at the Hill).

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