The Funniest Anti-Brexit Signs

These people are convinced that Brexit is a horrible mistake and are not afraid to tell it to the world via funny DIY signs.

Brexit is a lot like Spice Girls.

It never works.

This trade negotiation sux.

What a load of...

Even Baldrick had a plan.

If I'm here...

We are gonna need a bigger vote!

Please note...

Do you really want that?

Boris, you are a...

Go home, Brexit!

More tea, less Brexit.

Banksy meets Brexit.

Brexit will be as bad as this sign.

Brexit pee station.

This doesn't seem very well th...

Brexit? More like Brex-sh...

Please don't make them send her back!


Mum knows best.

35 thoughts on “The Funniest Anti-Brexit Signs”

  1. should have campaigned for their cause better when the voting was going on.

    Also lets remember from Trump protests – while some dogs bark, the country lives on. And dogs eventually end up not being right

  2. If I remmeber it the vote wasn’t meant as mandatory. It was just for probing the public opinion. Many people voted for leave as a joke. (Bad one obviously) And later realized they made a mistake. That’s why there is a call for a second referendum to determine a real decision of the public. Brexeteers though took advantage of it and are now steering Britain into oblivion. We’ll they are rich, they will always be able to flee the island. Farrage, 1st class brexeteer, for example is still getting money from his seat in the EU parliament. The EU he despises so much. He didn’t wan’t to give it up. “Pecunia non olet”, I guess.
    I feel sorry for the British. I liked London and Scotland. I guess it won’t be a good tourist location for some time once the hungering gangs will rule the streets and tourist will be in danger being robbed in bright daylight.
    Who knows. We might have to reactivate that Northatlantic Wall to protect France, Belgium and the Netherlands from British invasion once their resources are depleted.

  3. As I remember it…
    Well, they are…

  4. From what i remember Geri Halliwell had quite a successful solo career and ended up marrying Christian Horner head of Redbull F1 team who also isnt short of money, if thats their idea of failing then im all up for it

  5. “That’s why there is a call for a second referendum to determine a real decision of the public.”

    lol. The voters should have enabled their brain first time. And I think you overestimate how many made a ‘joke’ vote. Time is precious. Ehy waste it on showing up and placing your vote on something you don’t believe in.

    It was a terrible decision. But they have had their vote. Majority wanted out. Other countries have had talks about leaving EU too. Now, not so much.

    I hope they can agree on a deal that benefits UK and EU.

  6. Well, they are British. Probably got drunk before the vote. I never said it was a smart decision.
    Everyone hopes for a deal, except some lunatics. But I’m afraid that won’t happen. At the moment everything looks like a chaotic Brexit.
    But maybe they have to learn that lesson and other will think twice before making such a foolish plan. For most countries that think about an EUxit it would be like being thrown in a shark tank. World economy doesn’t allow such mistakes in this times.
    What is a Kartoffelmos? Kartoffel is German for potatoe, that I know.

  7. Mashed potatoes, in danish :)

    Stay safe.

  8. SG:1? “Indeed”, as Teal’c would say.

    – General Jonathan “Jack” O’Neill

  9. Spice Girls……?

  10. I was watching a Sargon of Akkad bit before they cast him out. He had a quote from a UK rag talking about a term I never heard of “anti electoral fundamentalism”. Basically, preventing “stupid” people from voting… I guess they will keep having elections until the “correct” outcome is reached. :laugh:

  11. These euro-zombies are scary! As soon as communism and the nazis are gone, they long for another totalitarian system to tell them what to think.

  12. SG

  13. I see a lot of englunders have been programmed enough to actually desire Brussels to dictate to them, and despise their own country. You know, how eu mp’s don’t actually craft legislation, they just rubber stamp what un elected globalists in the eu hierarchy dictate to them from above. You poor fools. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe slavery is considered by them to be freedom and therefor losing your country to tyrants in Brussels is ok.

  14. Cod (no typo) forgive people make their own decisions and keep their own money earned from their labor.

  15. It’s simple, want to be a tax slave to immigrants, stay in the EU. But anyone with an IQ over 80 knows what the EU is and what it will become. Those that don’t deserve what they are going to get. Demographics are going get you end the end anyway but getting out of the EU might give you time to flee to America. Like the South Africans are doing.

  16. The EU gaves Europe decades of peace and is a popuar negotiator in international affairs. Something the world police USA can’t stand as it lessens their importance. And Russia hates the EU because a strong EU is a threat to its imperialistic ambitions.

  17. “make their own decisions and keep their own money earned from their labor.” Often said by people living out of the pockets of others. Populist BS from pre-industrial fairytales.

  18. America is a shithole of drug addicts, murderers and religious nuts. Why would anyone flee to America? What do you think why everyone flees to the EU.

  19. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!’!!!! The EU is going down the drain as we type. Better turn toward mecca and give up your paycheck before replying.

  20. @Djurhblik Bull cookies. What has given Europe peace is the continued stationing of American troops in Europe. If US troops were not there each and every one of you would be speaking Russian by now.

  21. The problem is that too many Americans are the same. “If it’s in Europe, then it must be better than we have here”, with absolutely no thought given as to what that really means.

  22. @Anonymouse: You really need to share what you’re smoking, along with those rose colored glasses.

  23. The religious nuts are the ones who are replacing you. And your letting them. When the EU tells the British people their vote didn’t count and they force you to stay, then you will know. It’s over. Bye bye.

  24. Useful idiots.

  25. Should the United Kingdom be a vassal state to an un-elected foreign power?

    …Thought not.

  26. I wouldn’t exactly call people getting stabbed, raped, and murdered everyday by immigrants “peace”. The EU is trying to replace the different european cultures with “diversity” so they can make the united states of europe. It is a war already, but with only one agressive part = Totalitarian globalists in the EU vs europeans who just want to be safe in their own countries. Unfortunately we are also surrounded by suicidal morons, as these pictures show so well.

  27. @Bob, ever wondered why the founding fathers created the electoral college? To keep the stupid people from voting for the wrong president (not expecting that it would backfire this badly in the 21st century).

  28. We thought of it like a partnership. But British philosophy is “Everyone else has to be our vassal.”

  29. Funny how you 2 get off on your own fake worldview. You should date. But who knows. Maybe you are in neighbouring cubicles in a Russian troll factory. I bet there is a small hole in between your two cubicles. How romantic.

  30. Only the cerebral elite should be allowed to rule over the masses.

  31. Please keep your deviant fantasies to yourself, anonymous. They are quite disturbing.

  32. As are you. So.

  33. 2 years of this tremendous butthurt over Brexit and Trump now. I love it! It just doesn’t get old!

  34. Definition of EU: a bunch of super rich, unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats telling you what you can say or do!

  35. Yes, I understand how liberals seem to be threatened by people who do not agree with their politics. Btw, religious nutters are a threat to everyone not of their faith. Maybe excepting the Amish.

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