The Funniest #Brexit Memes

Brexit has (predictably) descended into farce. However the Brits haven’t forgotten one of their more positive national characteristics: bitingly dark and self-deprecating humor. Scroll down to see the best examples!

Cat giving advice on Brexit.

Bad luck Brian tries Brexit.

Brexit is great!

Even moms knows it!

You know what Brexit reminds me of?

EU, you look great!

Only the British...

Hello, IKEA?

Choose wisely, UK.

We're gonna need a bigger vote!

Even Baldrick had a plan!


Trump to the left of me...

Britain is a free elf.

The EU now has 1 GB free space.

Of course foreigners steal your jobs...

Brexit meets Star Wars.

We had Brexit, yes. But...

25 thoughts on “The Funniest #Brexit Memes”

  1. As the British say: Cluster****.

  2. You sure can tell what side of the debate this site is on. Explains why negative EU or immigration comments are deleted so quickly. You know they will never let you out now anyway. Your Government was the FIRST thing they replaced. Your next. Your children, the few you bothered to have, will curse you, as they submit to Islam.

  3. the foreigners steal your jobs because you are willing to pay a few less pounds to some illegal worker in order to drink some more alcohol. support your brothers and sisters not some invader.

  4. What EU country are you referring to?

  5. It’s called capitalism. British invention. You’ve done that yourself.

  6. We don’t have capitalism in my old country. Or democracy. We have only Islam as your children will have. All of Europe will live under sharia and you people are to blame.

  7. My next? What is my next?

  8. Before that mosques will burn. Only stupid people mistake tolerance with weakness.

  9. Thank God for people like you Sir. 👏. You give us hope.

  10. Even if this was truth, UK leaving EU will change what exactly?
    Like there is no way to enter UK for terrorists after brexit.

  11. See they deleted his comment!

  12. You are correct. The patriarchy always beats a matriarchy or sodomarchy. Mohammedanism is a patriarchy. It’s men that defend the culture, there are no men in the EU, Mohammedanism will win.

  13. Brexit = Putin wins

  14. To “the Good German’…progresives of EU call weaknes a tolerance..

  15. @Marecki from Oz Is that all you have?

  16. Heard UK is already running out of meds due to Brexit. Good luck, guys. Stay healthy.

  17. A lot of the political comments (not only on this post) smell like the Internet Research Agency. Or solo wannabe agents, spreading the same lies.

    If something sounds polarized or extreme, examine the facts. Find out what your own opinion is on the matter; instead of eating up the regurgitated information, like it was caramel icecream.

    The trolls most likely know very little about the rest of the world and are just attempting to cause disorder – even on a meme-website like this. Truely disturbing tbh.

  18. The problem is that way to many, at least in the US, have not had a proper education that teaches one to think critically. For the past twenty or more years they have mostly been taught how to take a test. They have not had proper history classes; they have not had any sort of government or civics classes; they have not had any decent literature classes (unless enrolled in AP). We are now turning out the second generation without the ability to think for themselves. I fear for the future of our grandchildren.

  19. …way too many…

  20. Nailed it

  21. Mohamed = Dinosaur, seeking authority figure, with perverted fantasy of religious domination. Hopefully his wife escapes to a refuge from his idiotic limited world view. In short: thick and easily led. Have a nice pray.

  22. We’re not running out of medicines. Total exaggeration. Thanks.

  23. …Bigger… …Mark…

  24. Bloody 8th century enricher eh… still don’t believe you’re Jewish?

  25. Oh bloody hell. Get it right it DNT at all. Or there want be all this non sense. Surely that don’t include me coming 1-. Day . Seems there’s lineage in me as you all. Mgt pm do wrong , send him out as ….

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