27 thoughts on ““Women Are Teachable” Guide From 1940s”

  1. Funny how stupid our grandfathers were. They really thought women are stupid.
    On the other hand many of our fellow men still do everything in their power to keep women stupid aka uneducated.As much as I feel sorry for these women I pity those little men in power. I guess some men are not teachable.

  2. Everything listed is about how to be nice to and accommodate women, and you twist it into that? Your head is shaved, isn’t it…..

  3. I’m about to get a woman boss! The world’s gone mental!

  4. Remember this was the time when many people were away at ww2. You actually could not aftord to piss off anyone as an employer.

  5. @Dis This is how one should treat all employees. Not just women.

  6. @Dat: in reference to your first post, you mean every employee should be treated as stupid?

  7. Honestly these guidelines pretty much work for any new employee, and are reasonable

  8. It was actually a first time in US when women entered the workforce en masse. It is only normal that male bosses received some guidance. I could not find any bad advice in these instructions anyway.

  9. @Wut Uhm, no. Read that post from “That Guy”. Maybe you’ll understand his words better.

  10. Then print it out and post it on the stairwell door, in the stairwell so you won’t be seen. Wait for the chatter and new directives in email.

  11. It’s called communism in America. Everything social adequate about working conditions is communism. American people just want be treated like animals. It’s their right given by God.

  12. True. I’m still not convinced women are teachable.

  13. Women deserve equal rights. And lefts.

  14. Really pretty much everything in there applies to new hires, treating people with respect, giving encouragement and support, with a few blanket statements like “women are cooperative”. Nothing in here is sexist or discriminatory. I don’t get it, I’m 50 years old and consider myself pretty open minded to modern views, but this was basic stuff on how to treat women like ladies when I was kid, and for that matter, ANYBODY.

  15. Many new hires come to the job with little or no knowledge of the work to be done. Even long term employees – men and women – benefit from the “lessons” given in this submission. Nothing wrong with providing safe, clean work areas or any area within the work place. Nothing wrong with placing employees with similar interests and skills together. What’s wrong with some of the above commenters to find fault or sexulaize these guidelines. This stuff works for all <–(not a communist based comment) in employment anywhere. Boo to any who find this to be feminist or man-bating. EGAD!

  16. Agreed. These are basic legislation for the whole workforce in my country.

  17. Uhm, those guidelines sexualize the guidelines. That’s the whole point of it.

  18. Umm, @Anonymous, do you mean that women AREN’T patient, careful, or cooperative?

  19. Not all of them. Like not all men are.

  20. This sounds pretty much like modern WHS guidelines and employment conditions. While it sounds patronising in 1940speak, it also sounds like men got treated like shit and women were looked after.

  21. Most men aren’t. And I’d say that as a man.

  22. I can see this post flipped. A woman boss to men employees. By the way, whats the opposite term for misogynistic?

  23. Nothing here says that the bosses thought women were “stupid” or unteachable. In fact, these are common sense, universal suggestions for male supervisors who had probably never managed female employees, and may lead one to believe that THEY were stupid. It was a changing world back then, and the women proved that they were up to the task. Having worked for, as well as supervised, many women during my career, I can honestly say that most were the equal, and often the superior, to any males I worked with.

  24. in 40’s this is how they suggest treating housewifes. Encouragement and behaving as if she is a soft cake that will fall over any moment.

    in 00’s this is how they suggest treating average millenial.

  25. CORRECT!

  26. You are just jealous everybody kicked your ass in your time. And you did nothing against it. Loser.

  27. As a woman, I think feminism pushed too hard and f*cked it up for everyone. Most people assume I’m a feminist: I enjoyed living alone, I am self sufficient, I can work on my own car, I own guns, and I encourage other women to be self sufficient. Women’s true power is not in proving that we can do everything a man can do, but in the ability to choose what we do (obviously we can do it all, but we shouldn’t have to). I don’t want to join the army, dig ditches, or take out the trash. I CAN do all of those things, but I would rather men do it. I’m willing to smile real sweetly, and tell a man he’s doing good job, while he digs a ditch for me. If women want to join the military, that’s fine, but now we are considering maditory draft sign-ups for women. Our bosses no longer treat us kindly, and many teachers have stopped giving automatic bathroom passes to girls experiencing “female troubles”. Men no longer open doors for us, or help us change a flat tire. Women are now expected to, instead of allowed to, have careers. Women who choose to be homemakers, or full-time mothers, are considered lazy. Women who opt not to have a family (like me), are assumed to be b*tches. Men no longer treat women with respect, and women no longer respect men. We could have been equal; now we are at odds.

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