“129 Ways To Get a Husband” Article From 1958 Shows How Much Has Changed Over Time


McCall’s was a monthly American women’s magazine that enjoyed great popularity through much of the 20th century. In January 1958 issue an article “129 ways to get a husband” contains 1950s dating wisdom that shows how times have changed.

McCall's magazine cover.

Where to find a husband.

129 ways to get a husband.

How to get a husband.

1950s dating advice.

1950s dating advice for women.

How to get a husband article.

Women, this is how you get a man.

Women, this is how you get a husband.

How to land a husband.

Women, this is how you land a husband.

Ladies, this is how you land a husband.

Proper dating advice from 1958.

Proper dating advice from 1950s.

Vintage dating advice.

Retro dating advice.

Vintage dating advice for women.

Retro dating advice for women.


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  1. This seems to be sort of tongue-in-cheek. Very amusing.

  2. Match maker match maker make me a match... November 28, 2018

    Could go to Mexico/US border, or hang out at the air Qatar terminal. Seems like pretty low hanging fruit to me.

    • Just hang around in your basement. Dangling from the plumbing.

    • Easy Button Bob November 29, 2018

      Hold on there sparky, I think MatchMaker was helping you out. Comic was obviously focused on white women of the 50’s and their difficulties finding husbands. Well, it’s post 2k and don’t need any of that. It’s the age of convenience. “Low hanging fruit” means it’s easy now in Amerikan. So now hot white women … https://bit.ly/2BFRccT can go pick up a husband no fuss no muss. Think easy button.

    • So you are forever alone, Bob? So sad.

  3. I was all for the bra burning phase until I realized looking down all the time was making me walk into objects above waist high.

  4. Nice “How to be creepy and look desperate guide”

  5. The Lone Wonderer November 29, 2018

    What’s a Phi Beta Kappa key?

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