Awkward Beauty Pageant Queens of Food Industry From The 20th Century


Donut, sausage and fruity: the┬ávintage beauty pageant queens covered (and were covered in) all kinds of delicious food. I wonder why don’t we get these kind of┬ábeauty pageants nowadays?

Miss Donut, 1940s

Miss Sausage, 1955

Miss Cuisine, 1964

Miss Donut, 1951

Miss Beef, 1969

Miss Blueberry, 1955

Miss Potato, 1935

Miss Donut Week, 1948

Miss Sausage, 1952

Miss Natural Pork, 1961-62

Queen of Food Industry, 1951

Miss Donut, 1957

Miss Orange, 1930s

Miss Donut, 1948

Miss Candy, 1964

Miss Lemon, 1920

Miss Wine, 1965

Miss Catfish 1954

Miss Donut, 1957

Miss Sausage, 1956


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  1. Is catfish queen holding a cod?

    • The fish is the least of the problem, Why is she on the roof of a skyscraper?

  2. Missed opportunity – were are the Onion Queens? Miss Yellow, Miss Purple, Miss White, Miss Green, Miss Pickled Cocktail are not noted. Why? Then there are Miss Fried, Miss Diced, and close cousins Miss Chives, Miss Shallot, Miss Leek, and don’t forget Miss Scallion.

  3. Long live the Corn Palace!

  4. I love how so many of these are about sausage and donuts…

  5. I think I know how The Queen of Candy got the job.

  6. It’s not like we didn’t know that the Americans are weird people.

    • Moors at Tours Bob November 21, 2018

      We like donuts and sausage, … and bacon yes … bacon. hmmm.
      Have you people learned to speak Mohammedan yet?

    • Seems so. They can’t spell dough nor pronounce do.

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