Tips For Single Women (1938)

Don’t look bored, smudge his handkerchief with lipstick, talk to other men, cry or caress him in public. But wait… There’s more!

18 thoughts on “Tips For Single Women (1938)”

  1. The good old days of dating.

  2. She should get drunk and go dancing with that other guy because her original date is just too fragile for this world.

  3. The woman looks like she is forced and the man looks like he’s having an affair

  4. If a woman actually followed these rules I would think she’s not interested

  5. Also, put your phone away. If you spend too much time updating your social status, you may look up to find your date has left for the evening, and you’re stuck with the tab. Of course, that stout woman sitting at the bar, with short hair and wearing a flannel shirt may be interested.

  6. And Hein and Kauf are wondering why they can’t get a woman these days. So sad.

  7. Good life rules. When we men surrendered our tight control in favor of various forms of “kinky” sex mankind lost all. Face it men, we’ll never regain our formerly and rightfully superior position. Rattus… before you respond, I’m just being funny at the expense of any man or woman who is not adult enough to see I, too, like pulling people’s chains.

  8. “Get a woman”, what a sexist phrase. Women are not an object. Although the word “woman” has no true meaning anymore, since any male can cut his stuff off and call himself a woman, or sometimes skip the “cut off stuff” part and go directly to the woman part.
    Anyway, the real women, the ones that lack Y chromosome, I threat with respect and I’m married to one.
    While male libs (is there a male lib still??) think women and men are the same, then most likely end up not fulfilling a woman’ desire.

  9. @Hein
    You don’t know how offensive you sound right now I’m a (so called REAL )woman and married but I’m glad I don’t have a husband like you . The fact that any woman/person is associating itself with you is nothing short of a mystery. This is why we get bad names.

  10. I just use words you’d understand, Hein.

  11. @somebody which part is offensive?
    @Dat justifying misogyny?

  12. @Hein
    Sorry for the outburst. I usually don’t show my emotions.One of my closest friends is going through some identity issues. Just because he was born a man doesn’t deny him the right to be a woman if he wants to. It will not alter the meaning of a woman . You need to learn to be sensitive. Women don’t like men who outrightly slander communities I’m sure you’re wife would feel the same

  13. Just how old are you, you sound like my grandad and I’m over 30

  14. I luv d gud old days

  15. 76 hoping to make it 99 if my wife don’t whang me on the head. She has put up with me for 54 years – what a woman! Atten: Rattus… hope you can hang for many happy years.

  16. Just shoot him and put him out of his misery.

  17. @Somebody
    This is the funniest thing I’ve read for a long while: “Just because he was born a man doesn’t deny him the right to be a woman if he wants to.” I think that’s Hein’s point. Obviously, anyone can pretend to themselves that they are something else– and they can live as they want to live. Please do not force anyone else to pretend with them, however. Yes, there are specific disorders that render one both male and female yadda yadda, and of course the best people are civil people– but the whole “Just because he was born a man doesn’t deny him the right to be a woman if he wants to” is the type of reasoning a 3-year-old might use. It’s like saying, “Just because I was born white from European ancestry, that doesn’t mean I can’t be black and of African ancestry.” Oh wait~ Rachel Dolohov

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