Waitress Meme: Waitress Job Description In a Single Picture

There are basically two most important things a waitress must do to succeed: pretending that customer’s dumb jokes are hilarious and tolerating their rudeness. There you go, that’s all you need to know to succeed as a waitress.

Hi, my name is Amy... and I'll be pretending you're funny tonight.

8 thoughts on “Waitress Meme: Waitress Job Description In a Single Picture”

  1. I get it! The commentariat is a hive mind waitress, enduring the idiotic japes of the EatLiver tardBOT in the desperate pursuit of life sustaining LoomCoin.

  2. I love a sarcastic women. Amy is welcome in my harem.
    The best sarcastic remark from the group gets me for
    the night. Lucky gals!
    P.S no leaches, must be self sufficient and have a source
    of wealth.

  3. No woman with a hint of self-respect would join you. Except leeches. How’s Melania btw?

  4. Hi Amy, I’m Bob, and I’ll be pretending you’re worth the 23% tip automatically added to my bill, regardless of how snarky you are and how bad the service is. I also will totally try not to smirk when you call yourself a “sandwhich engineer”, “baristechnician”, or something else equally stupid.

  5. Just pay people a real salary and the American tip problem will disappear. But Americans are to greedy and wouldn’t grant their fellow countrymen and -women that. It all about a country full of egomaniacs under God. That’s why it is falling apart slowly… with interest, probably.

  6. bwahahaha!!! The world is like a bad zoo yelp reviewer, so hippo critical… 🦛🦛🦛🦛🦛

  7. Yes, sarcasm eases the pain. Keep laughing, slave. And now back to work, lazy scum.

  8. Hey, I’m not lazy. I just don’t understand why I should have to do work for a living. We need us some of that good ole socialism from that jesus meme…

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