“Thank You For Tolerating Me” Is a Proper Response


No, the waitress are not flirting with you. She doesn’t even like you. She barely tolerates you. If she said how she really feels, she’d be fired. We hope this fact doesn’t hurt your fee-fees too much.

Hi, my name is Jenna... and I'll be tolerating you tonight.


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    • Yes America needs a decent social system. Other countries are not that much affected.

    • Yes, everybody is fleeing from the USA to other countries and nobody is trying to come to the USA.

    • Then why is the southern border under siege with thousands of people trying
      to enter the country?

    • Because not all “other countries” are on the US southern border… And most people can’t swim to other continents…

  2. Jenna is obviously a political science graduate. No jobs available in her chosen field so is
    waitressing till her big break comes. After all her students loans have come due.

  3. As long as she provides something approaching competent service, and doesn’t actually spit in the food, who cares. I’m here to purchase a meal, not start a commune.

    • You’re expected to be a bit of a shit disturber on this site. Smarten up!

  4. Glad to be a honky February 25, 2023

    If you are good looking AND white you can get away with being judgemental.
    We refer to this as “White Privilege”.

  5. We refer to this as “White Privilege”.

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