Can You Explain This Gap In Your Resume?

Can you explain this gap in your resume? Yeah, that was when I felt joy for the only time in my adult life.

5 thoughts on “Can You Explain This Gap In Your Resume?”

  1. “I spent the summer burning and looting with BLM and Antifa. I couldn’t get a reference from anyone”. Oh that’s okay. Welcome aboard.

  2. Sad no one ever. But Trump’s team takes all the crooks and rapists they can get. The swamp king needs minions.

  3. Lol.

    “Sure I support a treasonous wanna-be fascist dictator, but do you remember a year ago when someone was looting a Wallgreens? Pretty serious stuff. “

  4. Well, I lost an election.
    I asked for recount after recount – didn’t gain any votes.
    I filed 60 lawsuits – Lost them all except for that one where they let us watch the recounts.
    I tried to start an insurrection – Failed. It’s all Mike Pence’s fault though…

    I keep insisting that I won, even though everything was verified as legal.

    Republicans – Is this treasonous loser really the right person to lead your party? Shouldn’t you find a REAL law and order candidate ? Maybe someone who is actually into a small government without tariffs and other heavy big government controls?

  5. The looting and rioting is just to distract from the stolen election at this point. Only bigots and liars support Biden now


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