13 thoughts on “Can You Explain This Gap In Your Resume?”

  1. Maybe she’s Doris Fisher.

  2. Doris is a wrinkled 93 year old prune.

  3. Maybe she spent all that time rehashing this joke over and over!

  4. She was embarrassed about those years spent shilling for Amazon… 😆

  5. I was nearly embarrassed in Iowa today, I let rip a silent fart
    but to my amazement it was very wet. Good thing my campaign
    manager advised me do wear a depend.

  6. Americans can’t fathom joy. All they know is numbing entertainment and slavery.

  7. Yes.. Biden has dumped his pants many times now. Stop making fun of elderly senile people. It’s not their fault! And Americans do know joy. Tearing around on their snowmobiles, dirt bikes and in their boats. The joy of buying a new car every 2 years. Enjoying their holidays at their second homes. Shooting practice with their multiple hand guns and rifles. They are having a blast most weekends. How can you not know this? Oh right, you’ve never been there but you know ALL about it from your mud hut. Stop being jealous and fix your country so you can live as they do.

  8. Oh No.. only 23% of Americans believe Joe Biden is mentally up for the job of President. And only 14% believe Joe has the physical stamina to be President. The Left must be panicked.

  9. And 40 percent of people have AIDS and 60 percent of people are dogs and 90 percent of people don’t wear underwear and 180 percent of people are geniuses. Wow throwing out random numbers and associating them with random shit sure is fun!

  10. Only 10 percent of Americans are mentally fit to vote.

  11. Poor Lil Maoist. Show me on the doll where the accurate poll numbers hurt you.

  12. New polls just in. Check them yourselves. Biden’s gotta go.

  13. Yes, I used double spacing in my word processor.

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