Gaps In Resume: Where Do They Come From?

“Can you explain these gaps in your resume?” must be the dumbest question ever. Where do you think they come from, genius? From space bars, obviously! How stupid those recruiters are?

Can you explain these gaps in your resume?

12 thoughts on “Gaps In Resume: Where Do They Come From?”

  1. Me thinks she is amused by his comment.

  2. Space bar, you mean like Quark’s , 10 Forward or Happy Daze…

  3. Corporate drones have no concept of humor.

  4. No droids allowed.

  5. If a women smiles at a male co-worker is that considered sexual assault?

  6. Only if he smiles back, then he’s sexually assaulting her!

  7. Most of you deserve it anyway. And I say that as a man.

  8. It’s only sexual harassment if the guy is unattractive. How have you not figured that out yet?

  9. So, basicly every incel out there. 🤭

  10. Pretty much. Women want MEN, not sheep. It’s biology. This explains why Black men are killing it with women. Daahhh.

  11. What about black sheep?

  12. Nice.

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