Horse Gets Tailored Three-Piece Suit, Looks Absolutely Fabulous

A veteran race horse Morestead wore a three-piece tweed suit complete with shirt, tie and flat cap, designed by former Alexander McQueen apprentice and celebrity stylist Emma Sandham-King to promote the yearly Cheltenham Festival. I must admit that he looks better than most people I know.

11 thoughts on “Horse Gets Tailored Three-Piece Suit, Looks Absolutely Fabulous”

  1. Everybody crazy bout a sharp dressed horse

  2. Crazy Europeans…

  3. He’s just horsing around.

  4. It is true what they say, with time the owner starts to look like his pets.

  5. Britain is not Europe.

  6. Well they are still a part of the EU. Article 50 has been triggered so they had 24 months to get out. They sort of voted themselves out of competition on June 23, 2016. So they have 12 months left of cozy relations with France, etc.

  7. But I don’t speak about the EU. I speak about common law, left-hand traffic, imperial system, hot and cold taps, pudding, marmite, …

  8. Does the horse dress left or right?

  9. Doesn’t get more British than that.

  10. Europe is still a continent…

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