London Fashion Week: Men’s Spring 2018 Collection



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  1. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…

  2. The Curious Rock June 24, 2017

    Where are those guys who keep on explaining that fashion is a work of art?
    I really want to know the “art” in it. Like, why did they even agree upon wearing that..that…whatever that is.

  3. Such a stupid waste if everyone’s time. These people are paid for this dire rubbish?????

  4. Killer clown parade.

    • Kauf Buch June 25, 2017

      I”m not so sure…
      …it *could* be a Juggalos Strike protest!

  5. A Man In Crisis June 24, 2017

    People will tell you that suicide is not the answer. That there is always a reason to live. These examples may be the exception to the rule. As depressed as I may be, as desperate as I am, I would not dress like these “men?” Suicide is the answer.

  6. What a complete waste of time… Jesus?

  7. The first one is 0bama

  8. gobsmacked scientist June 24, 2017

    Why aren’t world leaders dressing like this? If this is current fashion, they should try to be similar to the voters.

  9. Only one question. Who pays for this?

  10. Justin The Smartypants June 25, 2017

    When did brain dead meth addicts start getting their drug induced shite in Fashion Parades

  11. The ‘artists’ who come up with this crap need to seek mental help.

  12. Kauf Buch June 25, 2017

    And they wonder why Modern Art is – after 100 or so years of such nonsense – being rejected for Realism….

  13. Jimmy D Sanchez June 25, 2017

    Ridiculous. Wast of time and money.

  14. Go home fashion… You’re a ****.

  15. Downwithlibtards June 27, 2017

    Good grief! Talk about the stupid walk of the fruitloops!

  16. Male models must make an awful lot of money!!

  17. jimmy rustled July 12, 2017

    jesus christ raw….what the hell did I just look at??? this has to be some mental institution party after inmates loaded up on meds…this can not be real

  18. There are mix of pictures different collections. The Vivienne Westwood spring 18 collection is amazing!!!

  19. Gag me with a spoon

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