6 thoughts on “20 Funniest Tweets About Trump”

  1. MSM and social media cannot survive without Trump. The vote is cast; Another term it is.

  2. the COUNTRY can and must survive without donald trump. otherwise we will be put on an irrevocable path down to hell.

  3. Run for lives, Trump is assured 6 more years.

    But wait, the crybaby libs have proof positive that Trump tore the tag off his mattress in 1986, and returned a video to Blockbusters in 1991 that had NOT been rewound.

  4. Thank you President Trump for making Americans remember how far the left has taken this country and tirelessly working to correct the course!!

  5. Every playhouse needs a comedy every so often, just to survive!!

  6. Trump isn’t bad.No, I wouldn’t say bad. Horrible, atrocious, maybe horrendous. But not bad.

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