9 thoughts on “20 Funniest Brexit Tweets”

  1. Brexit
    A whole nation playing scissors paper stone

  2. I wonder what my friend Vladimir has against Theresa so that she totally wrecks her home country.

  3. A very special scissors paper stone – stab yourself with the scissors, forget your papers when you go to the negotiations with the EU (I am talking to you David Davis) and through the stone at everybody who says that you made a mess.

  4. “I am Indian and I can tell you that Brits take forever to leave.” Brilliant mate! And you are not alone – ask the Irish, African, Caribbean, …

  5. You liberal fools are working on loosing a lot of viewers to your website.

  6. That will teach them!

  7. Good bye, Fred.

  8. I`ll bet you meant “losing” didn’t you F-F-F Freddy

  9. Wouldn’t be difficult to ask in Britain. The place is full of Indians, Irish, African, Caribbean and they’re never going to leave, while the British working class (who never benefited from colonialism) now has to put up with open door immigration.

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