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  1. The One Who Knocks October 15, 2019

    Perfect examples of how Trump lives rent free in the minds of the left as a fantasy monster.

    • Problem is he is no fantasy. And a pu**ygrabber like him counts as a monster, don’t you think?

    • Naaa. Lefties LOVE Trump! He is the gift that keeps on giving :))

    • The Unbreakable Truth October 15, 2019

      He’s a threat to women. That’s the only real problem. Apart from that he isn’t smart enough to be dangerous. He just has enough people around him doing the thinking for him. Evil enablers. He’s just a puppet for the swamp. All he has and is he got thanks to the sh*tload of money he got from daddy at the start. When on his own he usualy fails at everything.

    • Jane Fondle October 16, 2019

      Grabbing the pu**y of a willing person does not make you a monster.

    • Willing persons do not come forward with rape charges.

    • dumbest president…even dumber supporters,

  2. Don’t let Hillary run and this asshat never becomes president

  3. Better get used to making fun of him for 4 more years! Feel free to continue to act like two-year-olds lying on the ground… screaming…and kicking your feet. Maybe by 2024, you’ll be more mature… but I doubt it.

    • 2024 he will be king and election are cancled. The land of the free will become a prison. Did you really think the wall was o keep people out? Like the Berlin wall was “to keep out capitalism”?

    • lol, better put on your tinfoil hat. The government mind control system might be running.

    • Priceless.

    • He won’t go freely. One way or the other. You’ll see.

    • while you trump supporters act deaf dumb and blind to this dopes actions?

  4. There is nothing about him as frightening as the socio-communists trying their best to run against him. Good thing we’re too American to vote for them.

  5. Greta's mum October 16, 2019

    I am offended that Trump is in same panel(9) as Greta.

    How dare you.

  6. One word – STUPID

  7. 5 more years of snowflake tears!!

    suck it bitches!!

    • 5 more years of exposing Trump for the crooked fraud he is and his mentally challenged fans.

    • says a trump supporter that has a closet full of knee pads just for trump,

  8. The Nose On Your Face October 16, 2019

    Thank goodness Hillary wasn’t elected. Anyone that thinks the antichrist has to be a man is sexist.

  9. Lefties suck October 21, 2019

    ****** lefties.
    If you love socialism so much you morons, go move to Venezuela.

  10. Wait… trainspotting wasn’t a horror film!

  11. Coming for you lefties…bitches! Trump 2020

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