8 thoughts on “20 Cheesy Vintage Portraits of David Hasselhoff”

  1. Well I’ve got baby blue eyes and Persian rug chest hair. But there’s a big difference in the assembly of those parts.

  2. As a revenge for Hasselhoff we send Heidi Klum to the States.

  3. Its so weird how time’s have changed. Back in the 80s when he did those shots they were considered very hetero and manly. But if someone did exactly the same thing today they would come across as gay.

  4. Don’t forget there was a time people loved neon clothing…

  5. Hot 80’s throw rug!

  6. He rulez

  7. never did find him sexy. not even back in his soap opera days as Snapper. lol

  8. In those speedo shots he did, he has spindly arms and legs… like he is out of proportion.

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