Russian Fashion Blogger Conquers Social Media With Her Enormous Eyebrows

Anzhelika Protodyakonova is a fashion blogger from Russia who shot to social media fame after photos of her huge eyebrows went viral on the internet. Scroll down to see some of her best pics that teaches us the most important beauty secret ever: if your eyebrows doesn’t take up the biggest part of your face, you’re doing it wrong.

23 thoughts on “Russian Fashion Blogger Conquers Social Media With Her Enormous Eyebrows”

  1. It’s not just her eyebrows that are big.

  2. Oh, behave!

  3. Yes her eyes are as well!

  4. Dear me, what next?! Whole scalp drawn as an eyebrow? And I thought that the 70’s trumpet pants were stupid as they were constantly interfering with the bike’s chain or the 80’s silly shoulder paddings and curly hair styles… In comparison to this, they were pure stylish.

  5. Insane Clown Posse did it first

  6. She looks like an Asian Cher in the 2nd pic.

  7. Cher never looked that good.

  8. Weirdo

  9. you must admit it does detract from her crossed eyes.

  10. She could paint eyebrows on them too, right over the, erm, eyeballs!

  11. Why do you think Sonny skied into a tree?

  12. Effendi: next we “see” emperor’s new clothes? Ie. nothing… I guess they are ecologically whole lot more sustainable than already ripped clothes that probably after one wash rip totally apart. :)

  13. That’s true i did not notice until i read ur comment

  14. Russian fashion blogger spelt T.W.A.T.

  15. You are 10,000 kinds on wrong with that statement . . . clearly you must be under the age of 40 . . .

  16. it’s amazing how gullible people can be.
    and how worthless they can be to the world problems

  17. Oh my god!! I can’t imagine how much that clown make up costs to put on every day! Then does she go to sleep with it on? Now last but not least, THOSE ARE NOT EYE BROWS!! Eye brows are furry stuff above your eyes not paint lol.

  18. This fat faced piglet is just trying to cover / distract the fact that she has an enormous imax sized forehead. It isn’t working Rocky Dennis, You look like a bad pie-face joke. Would have to brown bag it to tag it…

  19. WOW!! A crossed eyed Porky the Pig, she’s the reason people are afraid of clowns. Not sorry…. even without the clown eyebrows she has to be the most unattractive woman I’ve ever seen in my life.

  20. One word……… ugly!!!!

  21. The sad part is if she actually knew how to do makeup she would actually be realllyy pretty.

  22. Um, pretty sure she isn’t russian. Some kind of “oh boo hoo me” asian bitch.

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