People Who Found Out Wearing Ripped Jeans In The Sun Is a Really Bad Idea



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  1. Hahaha wypeepo

  2. Pretty much sums up my opinion on Trump

    • Joe Deplorable May 22, 2018

      Is he the SUN of truth and goodness burning you through the holes in your liberal political ideas?

    • No, he’s the one who sold those idiots their cloths.

  3. Ripped jeans and holes in shirts are what the extremely poor removed from trash bins for no cost. Now, the affluent pay high prices for these items to look trashy. ???

    • Trump voters do anything to hop on the trend train. Avoid being different. Being different makes you a target. You don’t want to be target. You want to be one of those who choose the target. Vote Trump to be special and elite. Make America dum… uhm great again.

    • T: Take a goooood look at who is wearing ripped jeans. Virtually all are under the age of 30. Now ask yourself this: What is the political demographic of the under 30 crowd? BTW, that awful taste in your mouth is your foot.

    • You triggered the trap. Thanks for revealing another truth. Trump voter are just a bunch of old losers like him. Old and frustrated. Pissing on following generations for their own, egoistic gain. Sending others to die for their sins. Pathetic.

    • It’s not the truth until the official White House Channel Fox says so.

    • The Lone Wonderer May 22, 2018

      Yea! Let’s generalize Trump voters all under one denominator, because a few are dumb ***** and called our communist ideal a bad thing…

    • Sorry to disappoint you, T, but I “triggered” nothing. I just pointed out that were unaware of facts. It’s not my fault that you can’t handle facts when then are shown to you.

    • Bites off his foot and tells everyone he hadn’t triggered the trap. Foot still in trap.

  4. The Lone Wonderer May 22, 2018

    What’s everybody’s problem? I think it’s great to look like a tiger!

  5. Breaking news! May 22, 2018

    Hillary lost and she STILL can’t quit crying and whining about it.

    • You would too if a traitor staged a coup against the legitimate government. Oh, he did.

  6. What a strange twist. This was about trashy jeans and sunburn, but somehow turned to those with Trump on the brain. You folks who can’t think of anything but Trump need to get a life. There are more things in life than corrupted brains with single thought patterns. Just remember, in one hundred years none of you will remember anything about Trump or Hillary. Go outside, take a walk in the sun.

    • Trump is destroying the lifes of billions worldwide. Of course he’s on their mind. Like Hitler was in WWII.

    • Whoa T, you exemplify my point exactly. If you want to rail against Trump or others do so in a separate and specific EatLiver submission. Ease and divert your mind with some harmless nonsensical humor.

    • In order to defend T May 24, 2018

      “Rightists” did it first. Many, many memes ago. They are the ones poisoning the discussions. I’m not American. I just observe.

    • “They are the ones poisoning the discussions.”

      Like impotently whining about Trump on every pic?

    • And they like to have the last word. Pathetic Trumpeteers.
      If you anwer to this you are a sad loser.

    • Last word May 25, 2018

      Who cares about your worthless opinion?

    • Ha, loser. So sad.

  7. Go outside, take a walk in the sun.*

    Just don’t go out in the sun with big holes in your clothes. It’s sad to *have* to tell today’s youth that holes in clothes won’t block the sun.

  8. Pistal666 May 24, 2018

    Wow, Who knew that bare Skin burns easier than that which is covered? Thanks for the pics EL,…..ffs.

  9. D Right One May 28, 2018

    The theory that whites became white due to living in caves is a lie. Even in polar climates, UV radiation penetrates the clouds. You guys, sadly, are alien to this planet. Per the Matrix agent, you’re a virus. Everywhere you live, you destroy the natural order. Polluting the planet with your industrial processes. Even the Bible says we’re cursed to toil the soil. You don’t follow even God’s plan that you wrote. And then with these processes, you are slowly terraforming this planet to what is livable by your alien standards. Hopefully, the indigenous people will realize this truth and corral you into concentration camps for eradication at some point. If that doesn’t work, thankfully, your birthrate is dropping so that soon, you’ll be absorbed into the superior DNA of the original inhabitants of this planet.

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