Zoom Meetings Are Just Modern Seances


There's someone who wants to join us. Elizabeth, are you there? We can't hear you. Can you hear us?


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  1. Joe 'Say It Ain't So' Biden September 9, 2021

    So I use Zoom to call Beau now?
    I really need him to tell me what to do and say again.
    PS: i think Hunter is back to stealing my allergy pills again

    • Still obsessed eh?

      Ya know, every time when you jump on here to post first, it doesn’t tell us anything useful about Biden, it just shows how obsessed you are. Biden derangement syndrome is real.

      By the way, when you respond to comments with even more hate for Biden and liberals, it just makes you seem even more obsessed. We don’t need your fake news alt-right talking points, thanks.

    • Joe 'Say It Ain't So' Biden September 14, 2021

      :Still obsessed eh?

      Ya know, every time when you jump on here to post first,:
      Ahh my first fan. Thank you for noticing all the work I do around here to provide balance. I appreciate you too!
      Now since you sound like you too need some advice I’ll leave you with this:
      Biden Derangement Syndrome – try to come up with something original that Trump didn’t come up with. It makes you sound lazy and uncreative.
      Hate – it’s a subjective feeling. You can’t tell what I’m feeling when I post. It’s your hate that you are projecting.
      Fake News – you are not the arbiter of truth. What you call “Fake News” is just news you wish was fake.
      Now post a response for me my little fanatic.

  2. Jeffrey "Zoom'n" Toobin (D) CNN News September 9, 2021

    Ya’ll going to see spitt’n snakes.

  3. Yes this is Elizabeth. But I’m not a cat.

  4. Things that make you go hmmm.... September 9, 2021

    Why do they call them mediums, when every one of them I’ve ever seen on TV is so large??? 🔮

    • You should be writing jokes for Eatliver to post…
      Still not funny, but at least it’s original work.

  5. Harvey Epstein September 11, 2021

    I didn’t kill myself. My killer lives in Florida. Oranges, oranges.

  6. Ed 'Breaking The' Buck September 12, 2021

    When did George Soros move to Florida?
    Or are you talking about Andrew Gillum?

    • Jeffrey Weinstein September 12, 2021

      No, Donald Trump. Oranges, oranges.

    • Ed 'I Kill Black Men For Sport' Buck September 12, 2021

      Oh I get it. You were trying to make a joke. Thanks for proving the left can’t meme. It is a hallmark of BleatQuiver. TDS is real, like Biden’s incompetence, and liberal leftist intellectual incontinence.

    • As real as Trump’s perversions, I guess. If you vote(d) for Trump you are guilty of enableing his crimes as well.

    • Ed 'Meth'd You Up' Buck September 13, 2021

      You still hung up on kink while Old Man Biden is soiling the chairs in the Oval Office with his incompetence? Gavin Newsom, is that really you? Don’t you have a sex party to attend or a recall election to steal?
      Remember Joe Biden has blood on his hands, and so do all those who voted for him, for how he handled the Afghanistan withdrawal.
      :::but but but, it was Trump’s plan::::
      so you’re saying Joe is so incompetent that he’s just doing what Trump told him to do? Why wasn’t Joe able to come up with his own plan? Was he too busy pinching 8 year old girls nipples to take a meeting with his Generals?

    • The one too busy to meet with his generals to discuss a plan is …. Trump, as revealed in a new book by Bob Woodward.

    • Trump is a stable genius. This is what he and you tell us all the time. So why is it wrong now if Joe does exactly what Trump planned. You don’t make any sense.

  7. Right… so Trump is still running the show and Biden is just wandering around the white house with a full diaper wondering what Hunter’s doing locked in his room. Okay, got it. Why is the Left so lame!

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