So… What’s Your Zodiac Sign?

Move over, Aries, Gemini, and Pisces! Those ancient behemoths stomped their way into the celestial chart eons ago, leaving all other signs in the dust. Dinosaur is the best zodiac sign!

So... What's your zodiac sign? Dinosaur. But that one doesn't even exist. None of them exist.

6 thoughts on “So… What’s Your Zodiac Sign?”

  1. Yeah, if you never met other people in RL, you might think like this.

  2. So… instead of a free (rather average) p*ssy… you opted for a handball? Whoa… Crooked-nose… whoa…

  3. Leave your neighbors pets alone. They are watching you.

  4. Judging by these comments, they now have internet access at the asylum!

  5. Yup, and it’s free but still dial-up.

  6. That’s true. Haha. Now let’s go stay in a $6000.00 a night suite with the tax payers money because hey, why not right.

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