So… What’s Your Zodiac Sign?



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  1. Sven Vas Deferens September 3, 2017

    Forever alone.

    • Worry not. She’ll find someone eventually.

    • Sven Vas Deferens September 4, 2017

      I was referring to the millennial “guy” who is incapable of flirting or social interaction with an attractive woman. An affliction of that generation’s “male” population.

  2. Seasonal epigenetic effects, seasonal upbringing…

  3. If star constellations (light-years away from earth) should have any effect on childrens personality/behaviour/thoughs/feelings etc : One could reason, that it is the time of *conception* that matters; when the dna-code is being created; more so than whenever the meatchild decides to pop out of mums fleshcave (time of birth)
    Studies have shown that the clock hanging in the room of delivery, have a far greater effect on the child. Much more, on all levels, than stars, background radiation from constellations, planets, sun, moon etc.
    “Greetings. My name is CatMan. My Chroniker Sign is Seiko. With Rolex as ascendant… Yeah. The doctor had his watch in his pocket, as he leaned in with the claw. Can’t wait to see what little Andrew grows up to bevome with such an exciting pendulum combo!”
    Oh btw : cats > astronomy > astrology > dogs.

    • HotGirlHumper September 5, 2017

      Mr CatMan, no one is believing stars have an “effect” on human behaviour. Read something about astrology before ranting.

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