You Saw Nothing

Forget you saw this and there will be a bag of Cheetos in it for you.

8 thoughts on “You Saw Nothing”

  1. You ain’t a cheetah, you leopard. Don’t be lion.

    You can easily identify a cheetah by the mascara run look.

  2. It’s Cheetos, not Cheetahs. I also doubt the leopard would go through catching Cheetahs and then just give them to you.
    The Leopard would rather just eat you. :-)

  3. Why are people always picking on me??

  4. Nice try, but that’s a leopard.

  5. ‘Cause you are a loser. Sad.

  6. Leopards spots don’t change. Old Chinese proverb.

  7. Let’s go

  8. Cheetahs never prosper. …unless they run for office. 🗳️🐆

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