Forget You Saw This


You saw nothing, right?


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  1. It’s just like voting. 😀

  2. It ain’t easy being cheesy.

  3. Make it Flaming Hot Cheetos and you have a deal!

  4. But I would rather have a case of Leo

  5. I got it, but technically, that is a jaguar, not a cheetah

    • I am surprised that a person who can not spell their own name knows the difference between jaguars and cheetahs. Now look what he / she made me do… a non-political comment.

    • Word NAZI Ted August 31, 2019

      Don’t use can not when you mean cannot. The only time you’re likely to see can not written as separate words is when the word “can” happens to precede some other phrase that happens to start with “not”:

      We can not only break even, but also turn a profit.

      The company’s new product can not only reduce emissions, but also trap some of the existing greenhouse gasses.

    • Detail NAZI August 31, 2019

      It’s not a wrong though. It’s just bad style.

    • A jaguar… with a gazelle?
      That’s a leopard. Also they have different coats.
      Cheetahs don’t climb trees either.

    • @detail NAZI
      Are you using the New York Times style guide or the New York Post all guide?

    • I can spell my own name and btw, it’s pronounced Phteven…
      Also, I was wrong as pointed out below. Leopard, not a Jaguar, but still not a cheetah :D

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