Yes, I’m Polish, How Could You tell?

It’s a well known fact that Polish names are generated by putting a cat on keyboard and accepting whatever gibberish is generated.

Yes, I'm Polish, how could you tell?

16 thoughts on “Yes, I’m Polish, How Could You tell?”

  1. He’s not, he is smiling while working in retail.

  2. He looks Lithuanian to me.

  3. Bosnian

  4. Part Chinese if you ask me.

  5. Looks albino African to me!

  6. ….He looks like he walked 2,328 miles from Honduras to the Mexican/U.S. border, paid coyotes the last of his money to get across the border with Texas, managed to catch one of Gov. Abbot’s free bus rides to a major city where he landed a job (no “right thinking” white person would do) in hopes of escaping gang violence, political corruption, poverty and hopelessness in his home country.

    The next time he helps you at that big box store be sure to smile thank him for assisting you.

  7. Are there any more racist racists than the racists being racist in comments on EatLiver?

  8. Quit virtue signaling Karen! You see everything as racist and pretend everyone is a bad guy but you! You need to go home and lie down!

  9. I know four words in Polish. Three are insults. 😅

  10. Calm down Karen! : Did you have your sarcasm gene removed at birth? Talk about taking things too literally! You won’t even realise how dumb you sound. x

  11. Sound? You know this is text right? Some people just don’t realize how stupid they look!

  12. Mmmhmmm: You sound stupid

    The phenomenon you’re failing to grasp is known as “inner speech” or “subvocalization.” It’s the process of silently articulating words or thoughts in your mind, often accompanied by a perception of “hearing” the words, even though no audible sound is produced. This is a complex cognitive process that involves the brain’s language centres and our inner mental experience.

    How it works?

    Brain Activity: When we think or speak to ourselves internally, our brains activate the same neural pathways used in actual speech. This includes regions responsible for language processing, like Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area.

    Mental Representation: Our brains create a mental representation of the words we’re thinking or saying. This representation includes not only the linguistic content but also aspects of pronunciation, tone, and rhythm.

    Inner Ear Simulation: As part of this mental process, our brains simulate the auditory experience of hearing those words. It’s as if our brains “play back” the sound of the words internally.

    Perception: Our brains perceive this internally generated auditory simulation, creating the sensation that we “hear” the words in our minds. This perception is entirely subjective and not based on actual sound waves.

    Lack of Vibration: When we engage in inner speech, our vocal cords don’t vibrate, and no audible sound is produced. This is because the act of speaking silently involves only the mental representation of speech, not the physical production of sound.

    Yes. Dumbo.

  13. EatLiver: Where trolls come to get taught!

  14. Ahhh the stupids wanna play….

    Sound (noun)
    vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’s or animal’s ear.

    Thought, is not sound!

    You’ve been schooled by a troll.

  15. Looks like an Irish name

  16. “Are there any more racist racists than the racists being racist in comments on EatLiver?”
    Clearly you have never been to 9gag.
    Go check it out.

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