Christmas Tree Eyebrows: Another Stupid Instagram Trend

Just in time for the holiday season, you can now learn how to turn those thick eyebrows into a sparkling, joy-bringing centerpiece thanks to these ladies who are up to no good on Instagram. Why? To get likes and attention. That’s what social media is all about. Scroll down and enjoy examples of this lovely beauty trend!

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

Christmas tree eyebrows.

74 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Eyebrows: Another Stupid Instagram Trend”

  1. WOw, they take the same pictures every year.

  2. Gives scruffy looking women a chance to be noticed.

  3. Good news folks, the friends of mine on the Supreme Court will soon
    quash all these silly charges against me, and my buddies in crime.
    Bah ha a ha ha!!

  4. “The only place you wanna be
    Is underneath my Christmas tree”

  5. Trump Biden.

  6. Kill it with fire!

  7. Just kidding…I am American.

  8. Trump, Biden & Clinton = Axis of evil…

  9. Ugly hussies

  10. Annoying, isn’t it?

  11. Not annoying at all.

  12. wtf

  13. I really gotta stop talking to myself!

  14. Great idea!

  15. Geez, how ugly!

  16. Some are sexy, some not.

  17. Filthy hussies

  18. Petty delta incel loser.

  19. Most of these comments have been submitted buy imbeciles.
    Spending your teens and twenty’s in mommas basement is not
    good. Most mass shooters started off just like this.

  20. You don´t even breed mass shooters if you take away all their pop pop toys.

  21. Don’t question the Americans’ imaginary freedom to be slaves. Their guns are just a placebo.

  22. Yes.. a placebo. Try breaking into their homes or assaulting one of them. They’ll put one of their placebo bullets right through your face. Imaginary freedom is being forced to take multiple untested gene therapy jabs in violation of the Nuremberg Code. A slave calling free people slaves. Haha. Better go get that new jab slave. Wouldn’t want to lose your bank accounts or your job. Propaganda fail.

  23. Shooting people in your home isn’t freedom, moron. You live the constant fear of slavery. You have no save place.
    I wasn’t forced to vaccinate. It was voluntary. I live in a free country without people aussaulting one’s home. No need for assault rifles under your pillow.
    It’s you who failed… once again. So many times. You must be tired.

  24. This is like that childhood game of “Telephone” where you tell something to the first person in line who passes it to the next and so on until it gets to the end of the line of kids who announces something entirely different that what it started as – sort of like the comments here.

  25. Yes, yes.. it was voluntary. Just keep telling yourself that. Oh, and it’s time for another round of jabs! Now there’s a threefer. Get 3 doses of mRNA gene therapy all in one! Overall mortality is up 21% since the jabs started. We have no idea whats causing it but we DO know it’s not the jabs. Couldn’t be. Now get down here and take your pois.. I mean you’re life saving medicine.

  26. No, didn’t get more jabs since the virus mutated to be more harmless. Also it’s not gene therapy. You are so dumb you failed for 3 years now to understand that.
    Your mortality numbers are fake and don’t exist. Old story. Find new ones.

  27. You can tell the guy is an idiot cause he uses the word “therapy” like it’s a bad thing.

  28. Is this r/RoastMe?

  29. Why? You need a roast?

  30. It’s hard to admit you are dumb and have been lied too. That you bought it all hook line and sinker. We understand. But the truth is inescapable no matter what you’re Government has told you. Sorry.

  31. The first picture is the best. Hot!

  32. So you admit you are dumb and were lied to by antivaxx con men? Good boy.

  33. Shhhh… it’s okay… just go get your 9th jab and it’ll all be over soon. Can you even imagine being dumb enough to take this many mystery jabs when no matter how many you take, you can still get the disease, spread the disease and die from the disease. Why? People can’t be this dumb.. can they?

  34. Why do you wear a safety belt in your car when it can not guarantee 100% protection? People can’t be this dumb.. can they?

  35. No mystery about it. The science behind the vaccine is quite simple. Except for simpletons. For them it’s mysterious magic.
    People can be that dumb. When safety belts in cars became mandatory people were protesting: “I can’t breath, the belt suffocating me!” “You won’t get out of your burning car and die! Or die driving over a cliff because you can’t jump out!” “It will kill you by strangulation in case of an accident!” “It will crush your thorax!” “I have the freedom not to wear a belt!” They even sold T-Shirt with fake belts printed on so patrols wouldn’t pick them out of traffic.
    Sounds all too familiar. It’s always the same people. It’s that guy.

  36. Yes, but safety belts work. The jabs don’t. Plus there’s all the vaccine injuries. You can ignore them or pretend they’re not real or that they number in the hundreds of thousands. Just keep taking the gene therapy jabs and stop telling people with common sense that their the ones who are wrong. Makes you sound stupid at this point.

  37. Why would medical professionals publish statistics that the death rate (per 100,000 persons) of the vaccinated is lower than that of the unvaccinated, and that serious side effects are rare, when they can read the opposite on social media?

  38. Your brain doesn’t work either. With or without jab. We so hoped you’d die during the pandemic. People like you are worthless to society.

  39. Yes of course. Anyone who disagrees with the facts must die. You understand hoping people die just because they disagree with you, even when there is clear evidence to look at, evidence that has been exhaustively covered by main stream media, makes you a sick twisted Fu#@ right? You really need to get help. Do you wish the reporters at the Guardian or the Doctors at the CDC , FDA, WHO etc.. should die as well. Since their the one’s going public with the facts. And people don’t need to be “useful to society” unless they live in some kind of Maoist dystopian nightmare. Like Canada. Just go get your, what is it now.. 7th.. 8th.. 9th jab? Get an extra one! And don’t forget the kids. No cares.

  40. The doctors at CDC, FDA etc, after comparing effectiveness and side effects, is to still recommend the vaccinne. Just consult their website.

  41. You will never convince the 10s of millions of healthy unvaccinated people to take that crap into their bodies. So stop trying and lying. Just go get your jabs and be happy. Leave the smart people alone. They will never replace their own judgment with yours. Especially since you were dumb enough to take it in the first place. Your just a good little Government controlled sheep. But they don’t wish YOU dead. They just pity you for being so gullible.

  42. You are not healthy. You may have survived covid but the brain damage remains. You are not smart. You are one of those deranged guys living on the street spitting on people. That’s in your foreseeable future.
    Too bad antivaxxer tears are salty. We could regrow whole deserts with it.

  43. Just keep telling yourself that as you stand in line for your endless number of useless jabs. Tell us honestly now jab boy, how many time have you had Covid? For most vaccinated people it’s 3 to 4 times. Now that’s from the WHO. Biden has had Covid 3 times that we know of. Kamala Harris 3 times, Socks had it 3 times.. so tell us again how great these gene therapy jabs are since most unvaccinated people, if they do get it, have stronger immunity then vaccinated people.

  44. I picture you as a mad man in a restraining jacket sitting in the corner of his padded cell. Then you postings make absolute sense.

  45. But how many times have you had Covid? Why is that so hard to admit? Because it’s easier to fool someone then it is to get them to admit they were fooled. And you know you were fooled, what is it now, 7, 8, 9 times?

  46. Me? 3 jabs, one easy infection, never got covid again.
    You on the other hand suffer brain damage with each new virus you catch.

  47. I got no jabs, one “easy infection” in late 2018, that I barely noticed and haven’t had any problems since. My point is that if you got jabbed and you still got covid then they are useless. And please stop with the “it makes it milder” or “it keeps you out of hospital”. They had to admit that they have no proof for that. Like when the lied about stopping the spread. If you got no jab, you would have gotten Covid, gotten over it and would now have far, far better immunity then you do now. All without having you’re DNA altered, your life shortened and becoming a GMO.

  48. There was no covid around your area in late 2018. You are a lier.
    Still, I got jabbed, no braindamage. You didn’t got jabbed and obviously suffer from massive brain injuries.
    No one admitted anything you claim here all the time. You just write it but you can’t proof it because now real person ever said it. It’s all made up by antivaxxer frauds selling their books to halfwits like you.
    My DNA remains unaltered. Because mRNA vaccines don’t alter your DNA. But we know you are too stupid to understand how it works. Your brain damage and drug abuse don’t help.

  49. You are wrong on all counts. But I have to depart. I will not argue with non human GMO’s. Plus I’m making a small fortune selling my pure blood and semen. People know the truth and they pay us pure bloods surprisingly well. Check for yourself. Later Jabby.

  50. You were caught lying again. You ran out of arguments. Forseeable. Run coward.

  51. Russian chill wants to be home for orthodox Christmas.

  52. Why did Phizer want all the information about the jab sealed for 75 years? Yes, that’s normal and not trying to hide anything.

  53. Pfizer never asked for 75 years of concealment. The FDA was releasing the documents at a rate that would have taken 75 years to complete.

  54. Yes, per Phizer’s demands. But a judge said no and they have been releasing the information quickly. I’ve been reading all of it because many people in my family were forced to take the jab by Justine. It’s why we took our kids and fled. And that’s the info that proves they lied about just about everything. No studies about stopping the spread etc.. I’m sure you aren’t reading the info as it’s released because like most vaccinated people, you just don’t want to know. Just this week the Journal of the American Heart Association released their findings that after 30 years of dropping numbers death rates from rare heart conditions are surging among young people 25-44. Up over 1000% since the jabs began. Phizer’s own papers expressed deep concerns over heart attacks in young people, especially athletes. There is no argument here. Phizer’s patent is in the public domain. It states clearly that it was patented as a gene therapy. This stuff isn’t conspiracy, it comes directly FROM Phizer’s own paper’s. And if the media was saying negative unproven information Phizer would sue the crap out of them. So either go read the information for yourself or stop lying. It makes you sound dumb. Now have a happy new year! I know you and others are scared but Im not wasting my time if you are not willing to even look at the facts.

  55. Everything has unwanted side effects. If you reason like this, you should never take any medicine. Not even eat food or drink water, cause they all have side effects that can harm or kill you. What matters is the prevalance; will the side effects do more harm than the desired benefits. You happily ignore millions of deaths by covid to focuss on a far smaller number of deaths induced by the vaccine. By the way, studies find that covid, like many other virusses, can alter your DNA.

  56. So again, what exactly is it that these gene therapy jabs do? They don’t prevent transmission, they don’t prevent infection, they don’t prevent hospitalization and they don’t prevent death. And, as a bonus, you have to take them over and over again for no protection at all. And, they might kill you. The more you defend this boondoggle the more it unravels. It was reported just today that FDA inspectors uncovered a “contamination nightmare” at the Moderna plant making mRNA vaccine ingredients. They found and widely reported the contamination of the Phizer vaccine which could cause serious turbo cancers. You just ignore all of it and continue with your 2021 propaganda. All or most of which has been proven misinformation. Do you even follow the news? I think you must just be a shill for the jab companies. Nothing else would make sense at this point.

  57. Study after study in the scientific literature shows that the vaccine helps in preventing hospitalization and death. No news here, so there is no attention in the media every time such a study appears. In stead, you focus on the media hypes about some side effects or a batch that was not clean to standards. It is regrettable that people died because of the vaccine, but it is small numbers compared to those saved by the vaccine.

  58. Spare yourself discussing the issue with him. He’s not right in his head. You can’t confront a madman with facts and logic. He’s like a broken record always repeating the same nonsense he read or watched somewhere on facebook, twitter or some other criminal rightard channel. It’s his brain that’s broken.

  59. He also told us back in 2020 we would all die after the first shot and/or grow new limbs. In at least one year we would all be dead. Now, in 2024, we are still here and he’s still telling us we die in one year. He’s like one of those astrologists or gurus postponing the apocalypse each and every time because nothing happens at all.
    It’s a form of mental illness. He believes to be one of the chosen ones. By some higher power, no matter if earthly or unearthly. He provides his brain with dopamine. Without it he would fall back into depression. So, from his brain’s point of view with all those antimasker and antivaxxer hate bubble the pandemics was an excellent opportunity to get high.
    Once it will get irrelevant again his addiction for dopamin will find another source. Like religious fanatism. Or militant mysogynism. Maybe he’ll join the ranks of fascists to feel chosen again. Become a terrorist.
    He needs all that. He lacks the creativity to find his own ways to provide his brain with dopamin. Like nice hobbies, arts or sports. Something he could be successfull in.
    He is dependend to be a camp follower. Running along with other. Doing what a leader demands. For better and in his case obviously for worse.

  60. Phizer called. You’re checks are ready.

  61. If you don’t take the medical treatment MY medical treatment won’t work. 🤣😂

  62. I got Moderna. Still alive and well.

  63. So if you’re vaccinated and you contract Covid and spread it to another vaccinated person and they die, are you a murderer as well? You understand the vaccinated become super spreaders right? Or are we just lying about all the facts here. So lame.

  64. The facts are (Nature Medicine 2023) that infected people, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated with a prior infection, have a comparable risk of transmitting infection to close contacts.

  65. No, it isn’t. Maybe unvoluntary manslaughter. But running around infected and spitting and coughing on other people on purpose like antivaxxers do, is murder.

  66. So ridiculous. No one was doing that. The medical therapy is still experimental. Choosing to wait to take it isn’t Antivaxx. You zealots are the ones driving resistance. You demand pregnant women, children, newborns and even people who have had Covid all bow down to your religious fanaticism. When you listen to the vaccinated talk about people who for whatever reason didn’t take it you can just hear the madness. Like the post above.

  67. The religious fanaticism is all yours, as you are the one bringing the topic up again and again when a new page is added to this site. I only reply to the false and/or misleading claims you are posting. And, yes.spitting incidents by antivaxxers have been reported.

  68. Bringing it up again and again and boring us to death. That’s probably his goal. He’s still out for the kill.

  69. It’s difficult to educate uneducated people. Persistence is key.

  70. In your case it’s schizophrenia.

  71. I won the office bet! I bet I could could drive this past 70 comments and this is 71! A record. The pool is $265.00. Thanks again to all. The Left is so gullible. No wonder Biden, Biden he’s their man, couldn’t get out of a garbage can. Did you see him wandering around lost in yesterday’s video. Doesn’t even know where he is but that’s who you want running the earth. Pathetic. Just like Socks. Well.. it’s been fun and it’s been real, but it hasn’t been real fun. Don’t get euthanized!

  72. You brag with a bet no one here knew about. Mental.
    Why the democrats can’t come up with a better candidate, no one knows nor understands. Yet a garbage can would be a better president than Trump or the other republican fascists running.

  73. Trump is willing to sacrifice America for his personal financial and egotistic gain. If it brakes down he’ll be the first fleeing to Europe.

  74. I think we could do 80. Biden. Ukraine. Justine Pierre (Castro) Socks Trudeau. And the man who makes Marxists head explode.. the one.. the only.. TRUMP! The next President of the United States of America for sure. Nobody really wants him but the alternative is a ridiculous option.

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