Meanwhile At The North Pole…


The sad truth about Christmas town, little elves, and Santa's sleigh.


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  1. Finally.

  2. Truth. Surprising for this site.

  3. Reading about the UKs Marxist Chinese rat infestation. Not sure why it’s such a concern. The UK, by its very existence is communist so where’s the surprise. What’s the concern. That you’ll become MORE socialist?

    • Ya know, just because your guy lost the election, doesn’t mean you have to go around shouting “Communist” and “Socialist” and pointing fingers.

      If you are going to do that sort of thing, you might want to do your homework first.

    • Politics aside, more concerning is is primitve racist attitude. Such a loser. So sad. 🤷‍♂️

    • Blackface Trudeau December 22, 2020

      Just post the in store prices and there will be an end to the madness.
      Communists, like Joe Biden, are pedophiles and desrve to die. Maggie Nixon will have her revenge.

  4. But Chinese slavery is fine. No negative comments directed to them. Kill the messenger right. And I voted for the guy who won. Even though I know he’s dirty. What can you do. He’s just so lovable ol Dirty Joe. We sing songs about him. Anyway, slavery bad. China Bad. You be careful round eye.

  5. So slavery is okay in Europe. Got it.

  6. You try so hard to avoid the truth. But you fail.

  7. Is this a Chinese owned site? Now it makes sense…

    • Actually it’s Canadian. But I guess most Americans think .ca means China.

  8. Canada IS China. You just don’t know it yet.

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