You Were Driving On The Wrong Side Of The Road


Sorry, let me translate to the English: It’s the wrong soid of the roade ye was droivin down, innit!?


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  1. Satan Claus February 8, 2021

    Yeah, right, wrong side, that’s the problem dude…
    Whatabout weird inbreed measurement units like Inch, Foot, Yard, flOz, Gallon,…
    Yet the international units (Metric units) are more accepted in the real world outside that politcal maniac playground!

    • Even the English went metric by now.

    • Imperial measurement forever!!

    • Spoken like a real retard. The metric system is much easier to convert and to calculate. Since it has been established in Australia the waste of home building has been reduced from a truck load to a wheelbarrow. Because the workers won’t cut half of the wood wrongly due to calculating errors with all those moronic fractions.
      The imperial system is nothing to be proud of. It’s like using flint axes while all others use iron.
      The metric system is based on ten. And even you can count to twenty with your hands and feet.

  2. Cap[t.Parts February 8, 2021

    haha! Does he think English people are pirates? Arrrrr!!

  3. That’s more Austrailian than British english.

  4. More like a Somerset accent.
    For the more geographically challenged amongst you, Somerset is a county in the South West of England.

  5. Green Boots February 9, 2021

    Imperial measurements forever – except when you take your 9mm to buy a couple of grams…

  6. just sayin' February 9, 2021

    Worst English accent ever!

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