The Passive-Aggressive Painting



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  1. Medieval Europe obviously had a problem with clones. So rather than a painting of a massacre, it’s a celebration of victory.

  2. Not passive aggressive. Sarcastic. Passive aggressive would be thanking the archer for shooting her, then shaving his cat.

  3. Those yurps sure did love their wars, pogroms, genocides, and torture.

  4. This is actually a medieval painting of a massacre that supposedly happened near Cologne at the end of the Roman era around 430 A.D. It’s a depiction of saint Ursula and the eleven thousand virgins. Both the clothing and weaponry are very inaccurately depicted.

    Ursula, daughter of Diometus who was the Roman ruler in Brittanica, had made a pilgrimmage to Rome prior to her wedding a heathen prince who would convert to Christianity. She was accompanied by eleven virgins. Travelling along the river Rhine back to Brittanica they ran into an army of Huns near Cologne. According to the legend Ursula refused to marry their leader, but it’s more likely she resisted rape. Ursula and her company where then massacred.

    The story became popular in the 11th century, along with the Arthurian legends, when the number of virgins was wildly exagerated due to a misinterpretation of ” XI M ” in Latin texts. The M stood for Martyrs but was interpreted as the Roman numeral M, which is thousand.

    • E.A. Presley November 21, 2015

      Hey, thanks for the info! I’m amused AND learned something today here :)

    • Eleven -thousand- virgins? Guess we know now how those became extinct.

  5. Stupid Huns

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