Hilariously Badly Designed Music Album Covers

12 thoughts on “Hilariously Badly Designed Music Album Covers”

  1. Did they try to look ridiculous on purpose?

  2. Hey EUro, it ain’t always folks from USA. There’s plenty of strange all over the world. Es Verdad?

  3. Second ones seems a lot like Netflix and Chill situation. That look in his eye ain’t for just massaging.

  4. That Johnny Guitar Watson cover looks decent. Whenever I have kids they get a pram like that.

  5. Some for sure. Pat Cooper, brainstorm, Max Webster and Johnny Guitar Watson seem to have done this on purpose. The other are just ridiculous by nature.

  6. Heino is huge in Germany. He only has that strange look in his eyes because he suffers from Graves’disease. http://bit.ly/1Xm2xRr

  7. Normally he wears very dark sunglasses due to his disease.
    Bonus info: He did a cover of Rammsteins “Sonne” and “Amerika”

  8. Designwise Pat Coopers cover is not bad.

  9. Non dubito, quin verum dicas.

  10. Don’t think parody covers should count, really.

  11. does Kim Mitchell know?

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