So Many Jobs! Yay!

So many jobs! Yay!

33 thoughts on “So Many Jobs! Yay!”

  1. Blame the ironically named “affordable care act” that most employers will not allow anyone more than 30hrs a week now.

  2. That’s because you have the freedom not to have unions and social policy. Be happy, Land of the free slaves. Meanwhile I’ll enjoy my one job that feed our mouths and pays the rent. What hobby should I fund next? Hm…

  3. @EUro Meanwhile I’ll enjoy my one job that feed our mouths and pays the rent.

    Sad thing is thats all you will ever have, a minimal life. Working to pay “rent”. We do have the freedom to be or do anything we want. Something you will not have with your nanny state that keep you in a low paying job that you just get by with and have to rely on your government to provide. NO THANKS

  4. ‘freedom to be or do anything we want’ best delusional comment I have ever seen on here. You guys can’t even elect your President. But then again buying a gun so you can shoot up a school is a sign of freedom.

  5. Personally I’d rather live in a nanny state knowing I can send my kids to school safely

  6. “freedom to be or do anything we want.” Ah, the soothing illusion of possibilities. Without a name, the right connections or money from your family you’ll be nothing. A slave dreaming to be the master.
    I didn’t tell the facts right. I own the housing. I don’t pay rent – that was just to demonstrate the usual easy way here. I am payed above average because I used the free education that is provided to me to learn more, get more skills and widen my horizon.
    I don’t live in a “nanny state”. Such thing doesn’t exist – except in neoliberal propaganda. I pay for the services I’d get if I need them in taxes. As do others. Where the American only cares for himself we look after each other. I don’t lose my job if I contract Corona and can’t work for a few days or weeks. I’ll be cared for for free and can return to my work, that I enjoy, afterwards.
    Your folks’ talks about American unitiy are just a marketing phrase to get funding for war bonds. Where we even care for our neighbour countries and work together in peace. Thriving, while you burn money on distant shores because your society is degenerated by pointless greed and you don’t know how the world in the 21st century works.
    After we got rid of communism we should get rid of the American predatory capitalism to find the perfect ballance for the best of all humanity.

  7. She would be extremely attractive if a bit thinner.

  8. Poverty in high developed countries makes you fat.

  9. @EUro:
    your use of the term free is a bit shaky here.
    We have the illusion of freedom because we pay taxes.
    Stop paying taxes and see how much freedom you have.
    You don’t ‘own’ ‘your’ house and the land it sits on.
    Again, stop paying taxes and see what happens.
    Education is not free. Our parents paid for it, we’re paying for it, our children will pay for it.
    Medical care is not free.
    You seem to be justifying your ‘freedom’ by claiming you actually have free choice.
    The credibility of your argumentation is suffering when you’re basing your reasoning on the wrong concept of free.

  10. I can leave whenever I want as can you. But why would I? Would you? Why don’t you live in the US – “land of the free”? You have the choice. See the taxes as an investment in a good and peacefull life. After this investment things are basicly free. We won’t be ruined by education or medical care like Americans are. We share the load.
    Of course you have to pay the taxes. You also benefit from them. But it’s your free choice to where you pay them. On Earth you will always be part of a community of other humans around you and this comes which benefits and obligations. If you want to live free literally settle on the Moon or Mars. Because your definition of free doesn’t really exist.
    There is a difference between freedom and abandonment. They abandoned each other. I care for you, you care for me.

  11. To the loud mouthed Yanks who label the real free world nations as Nanny States you should take a good look at yourselves. If you define socialism as supporting parts of the economy with inputs pf tax-derived capital then you are living in the world’s largest Social Democratic state. Your military budget works out at $US 280 billion a year. In part that is a massive employment program for youths who would otherwise be in gangs selling dope. Those who either can’t or won’t wear a uniform often end up in your publicly funded prison system.* An even larger slice of this “defence” pie is given to keep your “private enterprise” aerospace industry afloat. Where is the rest spent?
    “… many military-related items that are outside of the Defense Department budget, such as nuclear weapons research, maintenance, cleanup, and production, which are in the Atomic Energy Defense Activities section,[16] Veterans Affairs, the Treasury Department’s payments in pensions to military retirees and widows and their families, interest on debt incurred in past wars, or State Department financing of foreign arms sales and militarily-related development assistance. Neither does it include defense spending that is domestic rather than international in nature, such as the Department of Homeland Security, counter-terrorism spending by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and intelligence-gathering spending by NSA, although these programs contain certain weapons, military and security components.” That is not to mention your arms industry, most of which would collapse without generous government subsidies. Then you have a desperate social class of welfare receipients to look after – your millionaires and billionaires. They pay little or no tax because they are given tax breaks and can, by paying for skilled tax accountants and tax laywers, eliminate or whittle down the rest of their tax bills. Then there are the massive tax breaks and subsidies paid to your fossil fuels industry. Plus the 40 – 80% of your corporate sector’s research and development budget subsidised each year. Plus…plus…plus…
    Another $US 25 billion each year goes to prop up your agricultural sector. Like it or not, you live in a Nanny State. It’s just that it has little to offer the majority of your people after caring for your corporate sector. The ordinary people struggle with debt all their working lives and then they can enjoy the Freedom to choose which slum, trailer park or overpass shelter to inhabit. In your health, education and welfare sectors you have achieved third world status in the wealthiest nation on earth to keep your parasitic ruling elites in the manner to which they are accustomed. So climb down from your arrogant pride and learn how smaller, fairer and more democratic societies actually work.

    * 30% of your black and hispanic population 18 – 25 year olds end up in jail.

  12. There are jobs that people must do. If everyone was a highly paid professional, who would clean and cook. What people like you are suing when you spew such things is that I need you to fix my car, change my oil, mow my lawn … but you don’t deserve a living wage doing that one thing. My father was a bus driver. My mother worked 16 hour days in a cannery. They were able to buy a house, trade up, and repeat until they eventually amassed a small real estate “empire” for lack of a better word. That can’t happen anymore on a bus driver and seasonal camera workers wages. The cost of everything has significantly outpaced wages.

  13. EUro then why is it that if your people are so prosperous and your neighboring countried all work together to share the wealth that I cannot get on my facebook without having someone from Pakistan asking me and all of the people on my friends list for money, making claims that directly oppose yours, like of their povertty and lack of food, shelter and supplies and telling me how arabs dont look out for each other?

  14. Because Pakistan isn’t in Europe. It’s not even part of the EU. It’s a country in South Asia. LOL

  15. Somehow Trump didn’t fix that huh?

  16. @EUro
    Where are you from? I wanna be your BFF!!! I read your comments and feel like I just told them.
    I live in Canada for 20 years now. It’s hard to explain to North Americans, especially US-Americans, how a real, just, humane society looks like. Don’t be upset, they’re brainwashed by fear of Russians, Socialism, China, Arabs, Blacks… whatever their ruling slaveowners serve them to keep them under control! So easy to control the ignorant… give them some fake crumbs of quasi-democracy (iPhones, Guns, Kardashians…) to feel “free” lol! They will never understand that humans can’t live like individual units with no community.
    It’s cultural. It’s their genes. The wild, savage genes of predator, colonizing ancestors

  17. Those who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

    Benjamin Franklin

  18. For 8 years, the GOP called obamaCare the worst bill in history.

    It should tell you something that they couldn’t even come up with anything better.

    Are they liars or incompetent? I’d say both.

  19. They’re called scammers. We have them here in the US too.

  20. What Tim said.

  21. Americans and geography. I bet there are a lot of funny clip on Youtube about this.

  22. You cannot know how he would think about a modern structure of state. He was a man of the 18th century. For these people our lifes were fantasy and sci-fi.
    Who will you cite next? Fred Flintstone?

  23. I’m from Europe. Other side of the Atlantic, yet so close. ;-) All you say is true. As funny as it is it’s also kind of sad. We shall pity them. They haven’t evolved for some hundred years.

  24. According to whom? You know only a dog wants a bone…

  25. Slavery in the US was never abolished. It was just expanded to include everyone. Wage slavery. It’s corporate welfare that’s the problem in the US. Do you want to make America great again? Join a union and tax a billionaire…

  26. I’m don’t usually… But… Just so you know… Pakistan is in Asia and So called Arab countries are in Africa… That’s geography…. There’s more information like that at your local library if your schools no longer teach stuff like that😎😁😎

  27. Get a roommate, apply for low income housing, go back to school so you can make a decent wage, where there’s a will, there’s a way. I went back to school at age 43. Anything is possible..

  28. Did that, then the recession hit because some rich property investors found a way to get richer. First question in interviews is always why I have working class jobs on my resume before I don’t get called back. Five years on the low income housing wait list and the rent keeps rising and medical bills pile up.

  29. Did that. Learned new profession because of a work place accident. Got back to school, got my certificate, got new job. Got all funded by a program of the Austrian state, could live at home, just had to cut of a few luxuries, kept my car.
    I live in Austria. Not even Austrian, I’m German. But work here. But as a EU citizen I get the same help as Austrians So they get in Germany and elsewhere in the EU.

  30. @EUro
    Franklin’s argument still holds true, even in our modern and overpopulated society.
    We shouldn’t depend too much on taxes and sense of freedom and not get lulled into a false sense of security.
    Every civilization depends on the sense of responsibility of it’s citizens.
    An overbearing nanny state chips away at said responsibilities and supplants morals.
    It then becomes all too easy to simply lay the blame with the government and shed ourselves of any obligations other than having to pay taxes.
    It’s all about balance, but right now it’s not swinging in anyone’s favor other than the men in power.

  31. @EUro
    I have choices, but not freedom.
    I have the option to go (almost) everywhere I want because I have the means to do so, where many other’s (the majority?) don’t.
    Laws will stop you and me from doing so if we no longer would have said means.
    Freedom is always paid for and true freedom exists only in death. So that’s moot.
    I would not go and live in ‘the land of the free’ anymore, and have refused to set foot there since the orange menace has taken the reigns. “Good riddance” they’ll no doubt say.

  32. Still no nanny state here though. Such places don’t exist and are a construct of those who exploit others and society to make critical people fall silent, to prevent them from getting organized and to keep them non-demanding. Lulled into a false sense of freedom. You don’t need a nanny state for social security.

  33. @EUro
    I don’t know where you live, but in my little corner the nanny state is looming.
    Nearly everything is becoming either obligatory or forbidden.
    Common sense has become a rarity.

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