Jobs! So Many Jobs!



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  1. How bigly will be these jobs he speaks of?

  2. At $7.25/hr…

  3. Donald Trump December 27, 2017

    We need to build a walrus and that’s what’s happening whether you like it or not

  4. Trump = the Ω (of an alimentary canal).

  5. Lock her up! December 28, 2017

    Hillary lost. We dodged a bad one there.

    • Donald Trump December 28, 2017

      You got that right

    • The most qualified woman in history versus a guy I wouldn’t trust to run a laundromat… and you sided with Laundromat Boy.

  6. Trump made libs hate him when he said Americans will get out of welfare and go back to work. The worst nightmare a lib could have is being responsible to pay for their own expenses.

    • EXACTLY lol

    • Never Trumpism spends a lot of time whining about how Trump is
      “vulgar” and “unfit,” but what these guys really resent is that he has
      embarrassed them. He showed them up. He did what they had been yakking
      endlessly about doing, and they hate him for it. They much prefer the
      quiet dignity of losing under a Bush or a Romney to obscurity under a

      That’s why they hate Trump. He just showed the world that they were irrelevant. And that’s unforgiveable.

    • Says the guy who thinks HIS Social Security check isn’t gonna shrink this year.

  7. Not cool @JN. Now you’ll make Dat and Rattus cry in the very beginning of this new year.

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