How Do You Starve a Liberal?

49 thoughts on “How Do You Starve a Liberal?”

  1. This look like russian boot

  2. That probably applies far more to rednecks. From my experience, liberals more often than not are in fairly high paying jobs.

  3. It’s true. Conservatives apparently don’t have the mental acuity to do the research into who pays more into the coffers and who wirhdraws more. Hint: red States are the most enthusiastic teat suckers.

  4. ha ha that’s silly. liberals don’t own work boots.

  5. This doesn’t even make sense. The richest states are mostly blue.

  6. It’s true. We do the jobs that require thinking, not liftin’ and totin’ and wreckin’.

  7. how to starve Conservatives?

    Put the food stamps in the bookself, if you can find one.

  8. If liberals have jobs, why liberal agenda includes “frees tuff to everybody, paid by somebody else”, while conservative agenda includes “less welfare and go back to work, you lazy bastards”

  9. Conservatives don’t want food stamp to exist

  10. In fact that’s one reason you call us bad persons, isn’t it?

  11. @Hein, I have no idea. Honestly, it makes conservatives seem really stupid. Though the fact that they consistently vote against their own self-interests would indicate that they are, in fact, really stupid. Liberals, of course, are compassionate and don’t really want to watch your lot starving in the streets like dogs – that’s why we’re pro-welfare.

  12. True. Most Trump voters are unemployed. And will stay that way thanks to Trump.

  13. Or because your assumption makes no sense. CA alone is responsible for 1/3 of the welfare in the USA. The largest blue state.

  14. Eatliver sure knows how to stirup a lot of idiots :D who think that expressing their opinions here is going to make a difference

  15. Because this is russian boot

  16. Hein: “less welfare and go back to work, you lazy bastards”
    I thought they voted Trump because “there is no work”. And Trump promised to bring back 19th century industry and full employment to the US. You conservatives make no sense. Except if it’s about your own greed and making clear you are not part of humanity.


  18. Not going to change things, no, but in order to keep my job I can’t give an honest opinion to the person sitting next to me, so I come here instead. It’s a means of keeping peace in my world.

  19. @Rattus
    Can’t say you’re wrong I remember the rancid faces I had to deal with when I expressed my opinions

  20. Hey Rattus, I’m not trying to start a fight with you or trying to beat you up, but if you are as qualified as you seem to imply, why do you continue to work at such a toxic place. Stand up and be counted, be a person of independence. I’m rooting for you to break away from those persons you have to work with. You don’t really have to work with them. GO Rattus!

  21. @TV, it’s not toxic at all, and one of the ways it remains pleasant is by people not offering up their unvarnished opinions on peoples political or religious affiliations. The guy next to me is very nice and we have interesting conversations on a variety of topics. However, he is far above me on the corporate ladder and he approves of a local politician I find unutterably repugnant. I make a good salary, have excellent benefits and pension, and get along with the people I work with and for, so I’m not about to poke that hornets’ nest. And so I come here.

  22. The richest states *became* blue, after rich. Freeloaders go where it’s easy to freeload. Just watch what’s happening to Texas right now and you’ll be telling Texas is part of the blue team after a decade with massive migration from CA to there.
    Both CA and NY were Republicans when they were getting rich. Actually, the winning side of the Civil War was republican and with republican government USA became the 1st economy around 1900.
    Whatever state democrats take control, they become horribly governed. Nowadays CA and NY have high taxes, lots of homeless, bubble on real estate market, high debt and uncontrolled welfare.

  23. Yeah, because conservatives when go out of job they want jobs back. Liberals when go out of jobs want welfare. Understand the difference? Poor conservatives vote for who creates better economy and jobs, poor liberals vote for who steal from others to provide welfare.
    Hence, an unemployed conservative wants to use the work boot again, while an unemployed liberal wants to stay home getting welfare checks.

  24. So you’re saying blacks and Hispanics have the best jobs in the USA? Because they’re the ones with bigger proportion of liberals.

  25. California. $80 billion in debt. Bankrupt cities. One third of all people in US on welfare in one state. Tell me again how you’re a maker not a taker.

  26. But I gotta hand it to you in one thing: the majority of billionaires and multimillionaires are democrats, while Republicans are in the middle class.

  27. @Deep Blue because they think after democrat took over CA while it was already rich, that makes democrats good in making states rich. When in fact they’re managing to destroy CA economy slowly.

  28. There it goes. Then if only you would ask Trump to run the government, you could stop screaming to the sky :D

  29. Most people on food stamps work. Those who don’t are largely those who can’t.

  30. So much liberal butthurt…
    Like to give it out but can’t take it.

  31. I have a problem with San Francisco Marxists moving to Tennessee. Can we have a Kalifornication wall?

  32. I’m your cow orker in the next cube thwarting your every endeavor. I’m the guy who makes Muduro and Un look bad and who gave you Hillery instead of Bernie. We are everywhere subverting your victories and making your loses unimaginably embarrassing. We can read your mind so be sure to wear your tin foil hat.

  33. Sure, pick a single state to illustrate your point. It doesn’t negate the fact that blue States depend less on federal support than red States. It also doesn’t take into account the fact that red States with a high number of people living below the poverty line (Texas, for example) aren’t too inclined to help out, or that California doesn’t remove children from the welfare rolls even if their parents no longet qualify. I mean, I know that conservatives only care about spawn from inception to birth and after that they’re on their own, but come on. Letting them starve? I’ve always known that fear and sociopathy were the driving forces behind conservatism, but I didn’t know it was quite that bad.

  34. 1776

  35. I need a break

  36. *sigh* See? These are the people I don’t want to have to deal with in the real world. On the other hand, though, in the real world I don’t have to deal with their spelling.

  37. @Rattus
    You kinda sound like a troll XD

  38. So conservatives are stupid and can’t solve problems. They want jobs and waiting for it. Even if there are none. After a while they just die, become criminals or drug addicts and steal what they need. Society goes down the drain. Conservatives blame liberals. Conservative logic 101.

  39. Trump is already running the US government. He’s managing to make more depts. I’m sure they will sell this as an accomplishment. These are the best depts. Period.

  40. replace the “p”s with “b”s. :-)

  41. Every opinion I offer, unless obviously sarcastic or in jest, is genuine and not designed to site the pot. So, not a troll.

  42. When you see pictures like this and these endless fights between conservatives and liberals, Christians and Atheists, that’s when you realize most people who live here in the US are complete idiots and fanatics. You’re hopeless. Well, girls, keep fighting and let the men tackle the real issues.

  43. The entire state of Illinois is going bankrupt. Hope you saved those old 49 store flag.

  44. * 49 star flag

  45. Truck driver and coal miner aren’t exactly jobs of the future, so how about adding Carrera subway tile up my shopping list?

  46. The only pictures I see are those making fun of liberals. Does that mean that only Conservatives are full of hatred or does it mean that Liberals are smarter to leave the retards (those behind those pictures) alone? Whatever it is, the guy who claims to be better than other people should rather focus on improving his own lousy life and find more productive/ intelligent activites (Of course, we may wonder whether rationale and intelligence are some of his skills but it’s hard to believe. Undoubtedly, he surely is some sort of electronic thug)

  47. We don’t own work boots. If you have an engineering degree and a computer science degree, they let you come to work in flip-flops. Which I do. And it’s awesome.

    See, we’re what’s called “skilled” workers. The kind you dumb ***** used to rip on in middle school for being nerds. Now I’m designing the embedded control system for a self-driving truck, meaning that my code will literally put you ******** of a job in about five years. But hey, when you’ve been replaced by automation, you’ll at least know where to find your food stamps. Cheers!

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