3D Wolf Underwear Is a Crime Against Fashion

In today’s episode of “Yes, apparently this is a thing”, we have wolf boxer briefs, which essentially turn your bulge into the snout of the wolf as it protrudes outward, giving a 3D look to it. Truly a life-changing invention, isn’t it?

Wolf underwear.

Yes, it’s getting a little weird, but maybe you are just gonna go with it… No longer will your package be confined to the straight lining of regular underwear, with these wolf undies you have the room of an entire wolf snout to let your business literally hang out and consume as much room in your briefs as needed!

Wolf underwear.

Just be aware, if your package isn’t large enough, it may end up looking like a pug or an Ewok of some sort.

Wolf underwear.

If you are ready feel like the leader of the pack, you can get these boxer briefs on Amazon. We’ve heard they really love people who spend money on stupid stuff over there.

10 thoughts on “3D Wolf Underwear Is a Crime Against Fashion”

  1. Not for the MAGA folk. Who wants a wolf with a flaccid nose?

  2. And somewhere in the distance Duran Duran music plays…🐺

  3. And what happens when a women takes a peek, only to discover wads and wads
    of padding?

  4. MAGA folk shoot wolves in the face with their crossbows

  5. Pair this with a Three Wolf Moon shirt …

  6. Top tier white trash, piss poor photoshop in last photo.

  7. Envy, it stings.

  8. When I saw the photo my first thought was, “ Hey, that’s Floriduh man.”

  9. He’s more feminine that all yo momma.

  10. Yep. They forgot to crop the chin whiskers.

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