Wine Tasting: Two Different Approaches

Approach #1: I'm getting raspberry with hints of oak and a cocoa finish. Approach #2: I'm getting wasted.

11 thoughts on “Wine Tasting: Two Different Approaches”

  1. Some people have one or two lessons on wine tasting and think they are wine experts.
    Save your money and stop being pretentious.

  2. I just drink the wine that tastes good.

  3. D*cks in the wineglas are smaller than they appear.

  4. Hahahahahah small di*k, so funny. Hahaha

  5. Andrew “Smalld*ck” Tate, your ignorance is beyond believe.
    Wineglass has 2 S/s.

  6. Is your moms clitoris bigger than your d***?

  7. Is there wine in prison? I ask for my broth… for a friend.

  8. Me for one would love to meet this mom. MILFs make me haaappy.

  9. I dream of Andrew Tate smashing my bussy.

  10. Romanian prison. Tate will have to keep his own manbussy tight.

  11. Just grab them.

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