Wine Tasting: Two Different Approaches


Approach #1: I'm getting raspberry with hints of oak and a cocoa finish. Approach #2: I'm getting wasted.


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  1. Hate being around December 29, 2022

    Some people have one or two lessons on wine tasting and think they are wine experts.
    Save your money and stop being pretentious.

  2. Andrew "Smalld*ck" Tate December 29, 2022

    D*cks in the wineglas are smaller than they appear.

  3. Andrew “Smalld*ck” Tate, your ignorance is beyond believe.
    Wineglass has 2 S/s.

    • Andrew "Smalld*ck" Tate December 30, 2022

      Is there wine in prison? I ask for my broth… for a friend.

  4. I dream of Andrew Tate smashing my bussy.

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